*330, the phonetic similarity of the numbers 330 and Body (3) Mind (3) Spirit (0), refers to physical, psychosocial as well as transcendental well-being. Well-being is applied to everyone, including ill or well.

There are many ways to achieve well-being. Among those, evidence-based practices informed that mindfulness is one of the most useful tools that help people to enhance their well-being, such as stress and anxiety reduction, improve interpersonal relationship, strengthen immune function, enhance creativity & productivity, etc. In view of such, we decided to launch newlife.330, a community-wide holistic health campaign, which aims at incorporating mindfulness practice into our daily lives as simple as possible. Through the 330 website, mobile app and a series of mindful-interest workshops, we strive to make mindfulness an attitude towards life, so we can all benefit from healthier lifestyle. For details, please visit

*330 = well-being, including Self-compassion ‧ Be socially active ‧ Care for the community ‧ Self-transcendence ‧ External connectedness



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