While we are all continuing our fight against COVID-19, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) has launched a dedicated "COVID-19 Well-being Tips” website to share mental well-being information. We hope every one of us can enjoy holistic 3(body), 3(mind) and 0(spirit) well-being, here, now and always.


The dayday330 campaign, launched by us in the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life), is a year-round public awareness campaign on mental well-being. Embracing New Life's belief in fostering a holistic 330 well-being (3 stands for body, 3 for mind 0 for spirit) among every one of us, dayday330 campaign encourages every one of us to practise a simple micro break of a least 3 minutes 30 seconds every day. There has been research evidence showing that taking a micro-break everyday can help reduce stress, relieve emotions and enhance well-being. Dr. Candice Powell, Clinical Psychologist of the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, reminds all of us, regardless how busy we are, to take a little bit of time every day, say of at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds, to enjoy a break by indulging ourselves in something we like doing. This will bring benefits to our 3(body), 3(mind) and 0(spirit). This is what we call a "330" micro break. In brief, simply practising a 330 micro break every day can enhance our 330 well-being.

Three characteristics of "330 micro break"
  • To indulge ourselves in something we enjoy doing and is good for well-being
  • At least once a day, and at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds for every micro break
  • Do it at our leisure, do not create pressure onto ourselves

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「dayday330」 Whatsapp Stickers

dayday330 launched a series of WhatsApp stickers to encourage every one of us to express our love and care towards our family and friends.


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