The Association developed different evidence-based course and services including Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP ®), "Honest, Open, Proud " (HOP), Person-Centered Care Planning (PCP), Peer Support Services, MINDSET College, etc. Through the experience shared by the PIR, we strive to enhance PIR’s self-direction, sense of responsibility, participation, peer support, strength-based, etc.

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP ®)

    "Wellness Recovery Action Plan®”, or WRAP®, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is a personalized wellness development programme and handbook. Its five key concepts including hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support are employed to enhance participants’ awareness and abilities in dealing with health problems, daily maintenance plan and crisis planning.

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  • peer


    Peer Support Services

    In 2012, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and three mental health agencies, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Caritas – Hong Kong and the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, have ventured to pioneer the three-year MINDSET Peer Support Worker Project funded by MINDSET, a registered charity. Supported by Social Welfare Department with Lotteries Fund, the two-year "Pilot Project on Peer Support Service in Community Psychiatric Service Units” was implemented in eleven non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in 2015. Social Welfare Department regularized "Agency-based Peer Support Service in Community Psychiatric Service Units” in eleven NGOs in 2018.

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  • mindset


    MINDSET College

    Supported by MINDSET, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and three mental health agencies who are Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services, Caritas – Hong Kong and The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong have co-organized the MINDSET College. We provided recovery-oriented courses for enhancing the well-being of people in recovery and their families, professionals and people who concern with their mental health.

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  • HOP


    Honest Open Proud (HOP)

    Origin from the United States, the "Honest, Open, Proud” was established by persons experienced with mental illness. Through the thinking process on whether disclosing own experience and expressing own stories strategically, the PIR learned to control their own experience and helped them to reduce the shameful feeling because of hiding their own story. The Association was authorized by Program Director, Mr. Patrick Corrigan, to translate and localize the Honest Open Program. The localized version was produced to match local needs with local examples.

    The Association invited the senior facilitators, Dr. Jonathon E. Larson to provide training to our staff in 2017. The trained facilitators have started to conduct the HOP programs to enhance service users’ confidence and skills of disclosure as well as to reduce self-stigmatization since 2018.

    The program is mainly divided into three parts, the participants start from understanding their own identity, then they will learn 5 different ways of disclosure with pros and cons. After that, the participants will learn the skills of disclosing their own experience. The facilitator will make use of the facilitator’s handbook and the resources from the participants’ practice guide to assist the participants on understanding the program content. After the elementary course, the facilitator will follow-up with the participants on their decision of disclosing their own experience.

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