Our Brands

"330” Brand

The "330” brand was created in 2011 to further enhance our mission in raising public awareness on well-being. The numbers 3-3-0 have the phonetic similarity with Body (3) Mind (3) Spirit (0) in Cantonese. The "330” brand conceptualized the essence of well-being which is modern and easy to remember.

We partnered with a local design company to re-brand our corporate image and social enterprises. Newly opened and some of the existing social enterprises have been renamed to 330, which include cafe330, farmfresh330, rwb330 and ecotour330. The whole re-branding involved re-naming, new packaging, uniform design, new decoration and all related collaterals etc. The major objective is to enhance our mission statement and deliver 330 messages so as to enhance people’s awareness on well-being.



Bright Buy

Bright Buy is a branding concept that creates added value to customer’s purchase of products or services of our social enterprises and sheltered workshops.

We have developed our own food supply chain through setting up food factories and food packing production lines in our sheltered workshops to produce ‘Bright Buy’ self-brand organic drinks and products since 2008. These products including organic soy products, organic herb tea, organic snacks, organic veggies, snacks and dessert. Benefits of creating ‘Bright Buy’ products include creating work opportunities to sheltered workers, ensuring steady product supply, promoting local production, increasing exposure and market share. We supply "Bright Buy” products to not only our catering and retail outlets, but also chain supermarkets and restaurants. Ability and work capacity of PIRS can be reflected through high standard of service and products.

> Purchase Bright Buy Products

Purchasing Bright Buy products not only brings you good health, but also helps bring new life to people in recovery of mental illness

Bright Buy - New Life’s Bright Buy products include O’Beans Organic Soy Products, glee natural snacks/floral tea/hand-made cookies, Olly organic snacks, Fresh News Organic Lemongrass Tea and Organic Roselle Tea, New Life Organics , locally grown organic vegetables and herbs, and

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