Wellness Recovery Action Plan®

"Wellness Recovery Action Plan®”, or WRAP®, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is a personalized wellness development programme and handbook. Its five key concepts including hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support are employed to enhance participants’ awareness and abilities in dealing with health problems, daily maintenance plan and crisis planning.

WRAP® focused on training participants to develop their own ‘Wellness Toolbox’ in order to cope with life changes, to maintain positive thinking, and to stay as healthy as possible. The study revealed that participants had gained significant improvement in symptom reduction, hopefulness, positive thinking and self-confidence (Buffington, 2003; Fukui, et al, 2011) after learning WRAP®.

We have already promoted WRAP® to secondary schools, tertiary institutes and corporate to enhance the awareness of mental health management of different groups of people.


Goals of localization development

Goals of localization development

We committed to promote WRAP® in Hong Kong

  • Press Conference on We WRAP® for Well-being –The Effectiveness of WRAP® was held on 23 February 2017
  • Awarded WRAP® Centers of Excellence by the Copeland Centre for Wellness and Recovery
  • After the WRAP® training provide by "WE WRAP” Project, 11 University students and 18 PIR and carers became certified WRAP® facilitators.
  • Hosted a workshop in WRAP Around the World 2015 Conference (Washington, DC).
  • Users, Carers, peer support workers and staff started co-leading WRAP® workshops and groups.
  • "WE WRAP” Project funded by Health Care and Promotion Fund was launched.
  • 10 staff, users, carers and peer support workers became advanced-level WRAP® facilitators.
  • The first local certified WRAP® Facilitator Training Course (Chinese Version).
  • Publication of WRAP® Facilitator Training Manual (Chinese Version).
  • 14 staff became certified WRAP® facilitators.
  • 12 users, carers and peer support workers became the second group of certified WRAP® facilitators.
  • Our Chief Executive Officer shared the experience in the development of WRAP® in Hong Kong in the 2nd WRAP® Around the World Conference.
  • 2 facilitators attended an Advanced-level WRAP® Facilitator Training in United States and became Hong Kong's first two persons to obtain this accreditation.
  • Provided local certified WRAP® Facilitator Training Courses in Hong Kong.
  • 4 certified WRAP® Facilitators attended the first WRAP® Around the World Conference.
  • Mary Ellen authorized New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to translate WRAP® Facilitator Training Manual and book of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) in Chinese.
  • WRAP® trial programs executed at different service units.
  • Regular gathering for experience sharing by WRAP® Facilitators
  • New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association sent professionals to United States for site visit.
  • After the WRAP® Facilitator Training provided by the Copeland Center in Hong Kong, 20 professionals become the first group of certified WRAP® facilitators in Hong Kong.



Advanced-level WRAP® Facilitators in New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association:

  • Chan Kit Wu, Rachel
  • Chan Kiu Chor Noelle
  • Cheng Yim Ha, Silvia
  • Cheung Man Lok, Michael
  • Chiu Ho Yee Priscilla
  • Chong Yim Fong, Yvonne
  • Jian Fuqin, Kam
  • Kwok Ngar Man, Mandy
  • Lee Wing Yan, Yan
  • Leung Mei Ching
  • Ng Yee Man, Mandy
  • Siu Wai Yin
  • Tang Yuek Ha, Grace
  • Tse Wing Yi, Winnie
  • Wong Wai Cheong, Sean
  • Yuen Sin Chong
  • Yung Ka Shuen, Edith


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