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Striving for the holistic development of people in recovery of mental illness (PIR), providing them a meaningful engagement would definitely an optimal choice. We offer a wide range of training opportunities to our PIR, at the same time, we uphold the mission to produce healthy products. You are invited to enjoy all our healthy products and show your support to our PIR through purchasing their products in our shops or place bulk order via our E-shop or phone. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion or quotation.



  • Freshly baked with healthy ingredients at our own bakery workshop every day;
  • Our products include tasty breads, sandwiches, muffins, pastries and tarts;
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises.

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Organic Snacks, Natural Treats and Floral Teas, Home-made dessert

  • A wide selection of healthy pre-packed organic snacks including organic dried apricot, dried blueberry, pistachio are branded "Olly’;
  • Our "glee” products include floral teas, such as calluna, burdock and hibiscus, and natural dried nuts, such as roasted cashew and longan;
  • "Sum Dim Sum” is our home-made dessert in different herbal tea and healthy beans favor;
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises, selected Cheers Gallerys, Goods Goods and Ngong Ping 360 souvenir shop.

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Organic Soy Products

  • "O’Bean” Organic soymilk and bean curd freshly produced by our licensed workshops;
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises, selected 759 stores, agnes b and selected supermarkets.

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Organic Herbal Tea

  • "Fresh News” organic herbal teas are freshly prepared with the organic lemongrass and roselle grown in New Life Farm;
  • A relaxing moment would be gained through the light and sweet favors;
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises, selected 759 stores, agnes b and selected supermarkets.

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Organic Vegetables and Organic Herbs

  • Accredited with two local organic certificates, organic vegetables were grown freshly in New Life Farm;
  • The organic vegetables are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Support our ecological friendly actions!
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises and citysuper.

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  • A wide variety of exquisite handicrafts made by PIR, which include T-shirts, caps, mugs, accessories, stationery, clay handicrafts, fabric work, as well as exclusive offering of souvenirs designed with Hong Kong features;
  • Upholding the Hong Kong Spirit, "Red-White-Blue” products designed by Mr. Stanley Wong are our featuring products;
  • Selling spots: our social enterprises.

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Wood Products

  • A wide selection of wood products made by PIRs can be ordered through connecting with Tin King Sheltered Workshop.

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Floral Products

Beautiful and creative floral products could be provided decorated with red-white-blue fabric. Our floral product categories includes:

  • Congratulations flower;
  • Sympathy wreath;
  • Flower bouquet;
  • Bridal bouquet & corsage;
  • Flower arrangement;
  • Fruit basket / Healthy food hamper.

New Life Floral Art Order Form
Enquiry Number :2324 9974

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Scope of Services

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