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Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service

Service Introduction

Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service provides occupational therapy to service users in sheltered workshops and integrated vocational rehabilitation service centers. It also offers consultation and demonstration to staff of related service unit and family members/care-givers on training programmes and treatment of individual service user.


Our Aims

Grounded on Care for People and Recovery-oriented practices, we aim at:

providing therapy, advice and assistance to help service users to overcome problems in their daily life and develop their work potential/abilities to the fullest extent as their disabilities permitted. The ultimate goal is to help service users to achieve a maximum level of functioning in their daily life at home and in the community.



In 1997, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association introduced the Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service.


Our Services

The Service is delivered by various means of clinical activities with the primary components of daily living skills, communication skills, pre-vocational/vocational skills, perceptual motor and sensory integrative functioning, leisure pursuits, aids and environmental adaptations, and community living skills. It covers a range of programmes as follows:

  1. clinical assessments on service users’ functioning in target training areas
  2. clinical consultations and treatments
  3. fabrication, prescription and training on use of rehabilitation equipment/devices
  4. recommendations on environmental design and alteration
  5. education and training for parents/care-givers/staff


Target participants

Service users (including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders) of sheltered workshops and integrated vocational rehabilitation service centres.


Application and Exit of Service

  • Service users can approach officer-in-charge or social worker of their respective units for referral to the service; or staff can recommend service users in need to social worker for making the referral.
  • Occupational therapist would conduct screening assessment for the suitability for receiving the service. If service user is suitable, an interview would be conducted to assess his/her needs and then formulate an individual rehabilitation plan.
  • When the aims of treatment are completed, service users would be discharged from the service; or when service users no longer need the service, they can approach our occupational therapist.


Fee Charging

The service is free of charge.


Contact us

Service Unit / Project Tel Fax Email
Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service

Units 9-24, G/F, Block 10, Tin Lok House, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories

2466 0068 2464 6960


Scope of Services

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