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Service Objectives

A year-long professional traineeship programme that offers first-time jobseekers an opportunity to innovate and create social good at the workplace and contribute towards the recovery and resilience of the community.

Through professional coaching and supervision, first-time jobseekers will work as Wellness Planners to promote ways of attaining wellbeing to the member of public. Wellness Planners will work with service users in establishing and achieving short-term goals on the basis of "Five Ways to Wellbeing”. Service users are encouraged to continuously apply the wellbeing tips in their daily lives, thereby enrich the pool of their psychological resources and improve the holistic health in the long run.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

The "Five Ways to Wellbeing” is an evidence-based method to enhance the wellbeing of an individual effectively. It was researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation (the NEF) in the UK.

These include:

Take notice

  • With a curious mind, be aware of your own status, the environment, the happening as well as being thankful for the people and things around you;
  • Experience it through mindfulness practice and gratitude exercises;
  • It helps to grow the sense of gratitude, improves self-awareness, manages stress effectively, understand physical and mentally changes and needs of yourselves and thereby improve the holistic health.

Be active

  • Simply move your body or have regular exercise could bring healthy and happiness to you. "Endorphins” will be produced during exercise and it helps us to be more relaxing by improving concentration and sleep quality as well as alleviating the sense of fatigue.


  • Make contact with your friends and family; build new friendships and expand your social support network;
  • Senses of self-worthiness, intimacy and security can be improved by involving in and sustain healthy relationships;
  • Engage in rich and positive interpersonal relationships is associated with a lower risk of suffering from a series of health issues, e.g. colds, strokes and mental disorders, etc;
  • It also maximizes the quality of life, strengthens our resilience and cognitive functioning, etc.

Keep learning

  • Be open to embrace and try out new things, indulge yourself in the sense of novelty to fill your life with passion and make it meaningful and fruitful;
  • Learn and develop new skills and knowledge, or revisit past interests can boost your self-confidence and bring you joy.

Serve and Give

  • Show kindness towards yourself and the others; simply have a smile and say "Hello!” to the others to brighten up a day;
  • Be generous to the people in need;
  • Devote ourselves selflessly facilitates the secretion of "Dopamine” from our brain, which gives us feelings of satisfaction, happiness and relaxation;
  • People who have a habit of serving others tend to maintain positivity under stress;
  • You are helping yourselves when you are helping others. You will experience a higher level of strength and positivity and reduction in negative emotions when you receive appreciation by others.



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