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Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service Centres

Service Introduction

imageNew Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association operates two Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service Centres (IVRSCs), providing one-stop and market-oriented vocational rehabilitation services to people in recovery of mental illness (PIR) and people with disabilities. Through continual and systematic assessments by professional staff, PIR would participate in multi-dimensional and socially integrated vocational training in a specially designed work environment to enhance the individuals’ strengths and confidence. Reintegrating into the community through work prepares PIR for open employment. IVRSC is a kind of social service without an employer/ employee relationship between the service providers and the PIRs.


Our Aims

Grounded on Care for People and Recovery-oriented practices, we aim at:

  • Providing vocational training in a socially integrated environment, and encouraging PIRs to sustain in a work training position with the opportunity for upward mobility which recognise their potentials and contribution;
  • Arranging open employment, job matching, on-the-job supervision, support and follow up;
  • Developing social and interpersonal skills of PIRs;
  • Facilitating PIRs’ understanding on one’s talents and work adaptation to prepare for community reintegration.



In 1995, the Social Welfare Department invited the Association to operate the Chuk Yuen Sheltered Workshop. Chuk Yuen Sheltered Workshop was converted into Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre (CYIWC) in 2004. Since then, it has been actively establishing a variety of work trade training to provide PIR with more training options and opportunities. Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre also transformed its kitchen into a bakery training site in 2007 and obtained the related license in 2008.

Another Sheltered Workshop of the Association was located in Wong Chuk Hang (established in 1978). Due to the demolition of Wong Chuk Hang Estate, it was relocated to Shek Pei Wan Estate in 2007 and had then been transformed into Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre to provide diversified vocational rehabilitation services for PIR. Apart from the existing options such as letter shopping, packaging and assembling, Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre strives to develop new work trades and training opportunities such as bakery production, organic snacks packaging and processing. The Integrated Work Centre was renovated and spearheaded to develop an innovative bakery training site equipped with modern facilities. This licensed bakery supplies organic and healthy bread, egg tarts and organic cookies that are freshly baked daily to be sold at our social enterprises. Aside from bakery products, the Centre also expanded its production line and introduced a wide range of organic snacks with self-designed packaging.


Our Service

With a staff team comprising of workshop manager, caseworkers and instructors, the IVRSCs provide various well-organized services that allow PIR to select suitable training according to their abilities, strengths, interests and developmental needs. Through Person-Centered Care Planning, vocational trainings, individualized follow up, diversified activities and intervention at different levels, we provide the following services:

  • Centre-based vocational training, including bakery, food processing, handicraft, floral art and fruit basket; industrial production vocational training , such as letter shopping, processing, printing and book classification;
  • Community based vocational training, for example, outdoor cleansing, car beauty, retailing and catering;
  • Employment-related services, for instance, job interviews, job matching, retraining courses, employment trainee program and follow up in individual or group setting;
  • Provision of on-the-job supervision, follow up and post discharge support with vocational assessments, counseling and other individualized services.


Service Target

IVRSCs provide services for PIR or people with other disabilities with the following criteria:

  • Aged 15 or above;
  • Capable of basic self-care;
  • Ready for open employment if provided with special support programs;
  • Stable medical and psychiatric conditions;
  • Demonstrate to have work motivation/ability through pre-admission intake assessment;
  • Not assessed with severe intellectual disabilities;
  • No history of aggressive, substance abuse, infectious diseases, excessive drinking, drug abuse, pathological gambling or other severe behavioral problem in the past.


Application and Exit of Service

Applicants may approach doctors or social workers for referral and arrangement of visit to respective IVRSC. Referrals are made through the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by the Social Welfare Department. Case workers of IVRSC will regularly discuss with PIR and their families on their progress. For those who are unsuitable or unwilling to continue with the service, or if they are assessed suitable for supported employment or open employment, discharge plan will be arranged accordingly.


Service Charge

The service is free of charge.


Contact Us

Service Unit Tel Fax Email
Hong Kong Island
Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre
Unit 1, LG3/F, Pik Fai House, Shek Pai Wan Estate, H.K.
2552 4202 2814 7577
Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre
Units 101-108 & 117-124, G/F, Cheung Yuen House, Chuk Yuen (North) Estate, Kowloon
2324 9974 2328 5178


Scope of Services

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