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Service User Ah-Sai, the Challenger and the Dreamer

Ah-Sai"I have been employed!” Ah-Sai made a great leap from being a habitual absentee from work without reasons and the one who changed work frequently to winning the recognition and being employed as a programme assistant by one of our Integrated Work Centers.

Ah-Sai has been undergoing treatment for his mood disorder and self-harming behavior since 2003. Because of conflicts of all kind day in and day out, his family relationship ran into deadlock. During the initial stage when Ah-Sai was residing in our halfway house, he spoiled everything including the House’s facilities, the harmonious relationship among the residents and even the serenity in there. But after having received rehabilitative training in the halfway house, he gradually learned to manage his emotion, and relationship with other residents was thus improved. He even took the initiative to take home leave so as to take care of his family members when they were sick, an act which moved his family so much that they came to appreciate the changes he had.

Ah-Sai was talented in music. He played a key role in the House’s band team. He has been invited many times to perform in major events, which were all well received by the audience.

The future has some new challenges in store for Ah-Sai – both at work and in an independent living. But he is ready to face it upfront and determined to overcome it, just as what he had been doing all along the way.


Service Introduction

imageNew Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association operates eleven halfway houses in different districts of Hong Kong among which four are located in purpose-built buildings and seven are located in public housing estates. Each halfway house provides 40 to 42 residential places for people in recovery who are required medium level of care with "recovery-oriented” community independent living support. With the support and respect from our professional team, family members, peers and the public, they are able to realize their full potentials and attain quality of living and personal well-being.

Halfway houses are staffed by a team of social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, health workers and wardens.


Our Aims

We are dedicated to deliver "Care for People” and "Recovery-oriented” services that enable the people in recovery by:

  • Actively participating in the course of recovery and to build up their hope towards recovery;
  • Enhancing the ability of self-management, independent living and supporting them for employment so as to prepare for community living;
  • Promoting participation and peer support, developing ones’ strengths and abilities, and building up self- esteem;
  • Participating in different programs that enrich well-being and building up holistic healthy lifestyle of the individual.



In 1964, when we were still registered with the title "New Life Mutual Aid Club”, we established the first male halfway house at To Kwa Wan providing accommodation for homeless people in recovery of mental illness. Subsequently, we opened the first female halfway house at Kwun Tong in 1972. In 1975, another male house was established at Tuen Mun, namely Tuen Mun Halfway House, and it is our first House located in a public housing estate. The "Un Chau Street Incident” happened in June 1982 reflected that helping people in recovery to recover is pivotal to not only these people’s own welfare but also the society at large. Therefore, we actively furthered the efforts of building more halfway houses to accommodate people in recovery. Although we faced with strong protest from the public when we proposed to set up Sun Chui Halfway House in 1983, it was eventually achieved in 1986 after our relentless effort in publicity work and public education. The Pok Hong, Chuk Yuen and Shek Lei Halfway Houses were established one after another afterwards.

imageIt is our belief that people in recovery of mental illness have potential for further development. It is also our belief that unearthing the hidden treasures in these people is the only way to let them live a life to the full and prepare them for future challenges. In the past years, we have organised various projects that attempted to unleash their potential and boost their self-confidence through media like expressive art, music and painting. Most notably, an art exhibition entitled "Break the Frame for a New Life” was held at the Central Public Library in February 2009 to promote acceptance and public understanding of people in recovery. Over 100 pieces of artwork that communicated with the public the artists’ deep-seated feelings and thoughts were displayed. Catering for the specific needs of young service users, we have designed a series of diversified youth programmes and activities like "Team Building”, "Youth Camp” and "Youth Volunteer Leadership Training” to help them make the best use of their prime time in life and establish bonding with their youth counterparts in the community.


Our Services

Through diversified approaches and multiple interventions, we engage people in recovery in:

  • Person-centred Care Planning to encourage active participation in their own recovery journey;
  • Self-management in health care and training that enhances personal awareness and ability in managing mental and physical health;
  • Independent living skills training to strengthen self-care, community living and coping ability;
  • Day training or vocational counselling and referral that provide vocational rehabilitation and work support;
  • Family work to foster family relationship and strengthen support;
  • Service that enhances self-identity, growth and development of young PIR through interactive programs and activities;
  • Peer support that encourages sharing of lived experience and enhances mutual support in the recovery journey;
  • Volunteer training and social inclusive programs to promote participation and community integration;
  • Social and recreational activities and arts programs to develop personal interests, hobbies and strengths to enhance well-being and holistic lifestyle.


Service Target

We are designed for people in recovery of mental illness who require medium level of care providing with "recovery-oriented” community independent living support. To be eligible for admission, an applicant should be:

  • Aged 15 or above
  • Male/Female
  • Stable physical and mental conditions
  • No history of aggressive, substance abuse, pathological gambling or other severe behavioral problem in the past 6 months
  • Moderate / Severe mentally handicapped are not admitted
  • Require medium level of care


Application and Exit of Service

imageApplicants may approach doctors or social workers for referral which are made through the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by the Social Welfare Department. Admission will be arranged for suitable applicants. During the stay, case workers will meet users and their families regularly to discuss their progress and devise a discharge plan for them according to their needs.


Service Charge

Applicants are required to pay the fee charges stipulated by the Social Welfare Department and other charges specified by the Houses. Those with financial difficulties can apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance.


Contact Us

Service Unit Tel Fax Email
Hong Kong Island
Lei Tung Halfway House
Units 111-114 & 209-216, Tung Yat House, Lei Tung Estate, Apleichau, H.K
2874 7770 2871 4729
Chuk Yuen Halfway House
Units 102-107 & 201-208, Mui Yuen House, Chuk Yuen (North) Estate, Kowloon
2327 4926 2246 0945
New Life Building Halfway House (I)
3/F, New Life Building, 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon
2776 7318 2777 3090
New Life Building Halfway House (II)
4/F, New Life Building, 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon
2776 8072 2788 1927
New Life Building Halfway House (III)
5/F, New Life Building, 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon
2776 1086 2994 9220
New Territories
Sun Chui Halfway House
Units 21-31, G/F, Low Block, Sun Chun House, Sun Chui Estate, Shatin, New Territories
2606 7456 2693 0172
Pok Hong Halfway House
Unit 10, G/F & Units 109-116, 1/F, Pok Yat House, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin, New Territories
2646 1884 2632 7570
Tin Yuet Halfway House
G/F, Wings B, C & D, Yuet Wing House and G/F, Wing C, Yuet Tai House, Tin Yuet Estate, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories
2459 8080 2452 4023
Shek Lei Halfway House
G/F & 1/F, Low Block, Shek Yat House, Shek Lei (I) Estate, Kwai Chung, New Territories
2426 7577 2425 3209
Shan King Halfway House
Units C208-C212 & C301-C312, King Wah House, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
2462 6481 2469 9545
Jockey Club Farm House
33 San Fuk Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories
2461 2818 2469 9645

Female Halfway House
Male Halfway House

Halfway Houses have been issued with License under the Residential Care Homes (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance.

Scope of Services

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