Promoting "Recovery” and "Body & Mind Wellness” have always been the core values of our services. By means of a wide variety of community psychiatric rehabilitation services, we endeavour to help people in recovery of mental illness lead independent lives, make their employment choices in alignment with their own interests and abilities, obtain employment in the open labour market, participate in social and leisure activities in the community and, ultimately, attain a desirable quality of living so as to live out a life characterized by holistic good health and body-mind equilibrium.

 Professional Services - We are in constant pursuit of perfection, aand make professional services of exceptional quality our ultimate goal. Equity - We strive for equal opportunities for people with mental illness, whom we believe are entitled to employment, social relationships and the right to dignified treatment in daily lives like any other person. Entrepreneurship - We manifest entrepreneurship, innovative mentality and feariessness in the quest for the advancement of services that are keeping up with the times. Empowerment and Self-help - We are enthusiastic advocate of empowerment, which seeks to boost knowledge, abilities, decision-making power and the spirit of self-help and mutual-help of people with mental illness. Respect and Dignity - We pay due respect to our service users & carers and make every attempt to fight for their welfare, in order that they can restore their self-confidence and self-respect


Scope of Services

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