Clinical Psychological Services

Service Introduction

Agency-based Clinical Psychological Service (ABCPS) for Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness (ICCMW) provides psychological support services for the service users of ICCMW with complicated case nature but not receiving such service of Hospital Authority (HA) or Social Welfare Department (SWD).

ABCPS also offers clinical supervision and case consultation to the staff of ICCMW and professional training to helping professionals with a view to enhancing their capability in working with persons with mental health issues.

Purpose and Objectives

  • To enhance multi-professional intervention through providing clinical psychological service for the service users of ICCMW to facilitate them dealing with their in-depth and complicated psychological issues; and

  • To build up capacity of frontline professionals in handling cases with complicated mental health and/or other issues.

Our Team

Clinical Psychologists in the Association hold Master’s or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology recognized by the Hong Kong Psychological Society and had undergone extended supervised clinical training.

Service Target

The target users of ABCPS are service users and staff of ICCMW while helping professionals from other service unit(s) or setting(s) may also be included in professional training.

Our Services

ABCP covers a range of clinical activities and intervention including but not limited to -

  • provision of psychological support services including:
    1. clinical assessment, intervention and treatment for individuals or families; and
    2. clinical groups and programmes

  • provision of clinical supervision and case consultation for the staff of ICCMW;

  • provision of professional training for frontline professionals working with persons with mental health problems; and

  • participation in other kind of services provided by ICCMW, such as promotion of mental health, as appropriate.

Application Procedure

Applicant should be referred by case workers in ICCMW. Clinical psychologists would consider the need and urgency of each individual and assign mode and date of psychological service accordingly. Waiting time would depend on situation of each individual case.

Service Charge

The service is free of charge.

Exit of Service

Service users, who want to withdraw from the service, may approach the corresponding service unit.


Service Unit Tel Email
New Life Building, 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon
Office Hour: Monday to Friday 0900-1730
2778 4503


Scope of Services

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