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New Life Recovery College is originated from the model of ‘Recovery College’ in the United Kingdom. Through the approach of adult education, the college aims to break away from the mainstream of ‘receiving services’ in traditional mental health services and promote students’ personal recovery and quality of life through the active participation and learning.

Adopting a distinct education model of ‘co-production’, New Life Recovery College provides recovery-oriented courses which are co-designed, co-developed and co-delivered by professional trainers and peer trainers with lived experiences, in order to actualize recovery concepts and address different needs of students.

Our Vision:
Enhancing the personal recovery, building up a culture of recovery and encouraging social inclusion by empowerment and ‘co-production’ education

Our Mission:
Inspiring hope and supporting recovery and self-management of mental health

Our Value:

Self-direction & Choice, Responsibility

Culture of Equality, Participation

Shared experiences, Connection with Community

Admission Criteria:
People who aged 15 or above and are interested in enhancing well-being (no special prerequisite)

Curriculum Features:

  1. Holistic courses (Suitable for people with various backgrounds and needs)
  2. People-oriented with diversified choices (Selection of courses according to own interests and needs)
  3. Interactive learning and mutual growth (Mutual learning between teachers and students and among students)
  4. Strengths-based with peer support (Explore potentials and strengths through learning together with peers)
  5. Re-constructing life with education opportunities (Master own living and education and have chances to participate in different roles in the College)

Scope of Curriculum:

  1. Recovery: Gain insights and knowledge of overcoming life challenges and mental health distress, as well as explore our strengths
  2. Self-Advocacy: Practice autonomy by learning ways to utilize resources and express own needs
  3. Building Life: Learn to face problems and challenges as well as establish positive lifestyle interpersonal relationships and social roles
  4. Keeping Well: Enhance well-being and build a healthy and fulfilling life
  5. Peer Development: Learn peer support and implement it in daily life

Teaching Team:
People from various backgrounds, e.g. people with recovery experiences, expertise in medical care, social welfare, academics, art, financial planning, sports and human resources, etc. are welcomed to co-produce in curriculum planning, thus facilitating mutual learning.

Course Fee:
Sliding scale according to course length and content. For more details, please visit our Facebook page and refer to our newsletters.

Course Information:

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    Address: New Life Recovery College,332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong



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