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Supported by the generous funding from Li Ka Shing Foundation, the online learning platform Mental Health Learning Hub was established in 2020 by Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (the Institute), a direct subsidiary of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. The project ended in December 2022.

The institute updated and re-opened the platform in 2023, continuing to encourage online learning. The platform provides online courses (self-paced and real-time, free and paid courses), short videos and multimedia resources, targeting the general public, with selected topics for specific groups, including caregivers and parents. The platform promotes holistic wellness through sharing from multiple perspectives. We take care of ourselves, and we take care of others.


Self-paced learning

  • Online courses

    The platform provides self-paced and real-time online courses, and both free and paid resources. The courses are taught by professional trainers, and the topics are practical and highly applicable to daily life, with a range of depths promoting knowledge on mental health. The self-paced courses are well-structured, with a maximum length of 30 minutes for each session. Learners can flexibly control their pace of learning. Online learning also frees users from restrictions on time or location. Previous learners expressed that the contents can be repeatedly studied so their learning outcomes were enhanced.

  • Short videos

    The platform also provides mental health related bite-sized videos, for example, interviews with professionals and extracts from courses, allowing users to watch and be benefited in a few minutes of free time.

  • Multimedia resources

    Apart from videos, the platform also provides graphics and text resources, including mental health related articles written by professionals, graphics created by artists and personal stories shared by persons in recovery, inspiring users to understand and learn through various angles and media.


Taking care of self

Taking care of our own body, mind and spirit is crucially important to holistic wellness. The three aspects are also highly related and interdependent. Therefore, the platform shares professional resources on various aspects of health and wellness, from cognitive to practical, from short articles, tips to structured courses, allowing users to be aware of one’s own need, and be able to find suitable resources, practicing self-care.

Taking care of others

We have to take care of ourselves before we are capable of taking care of others. The platform encourages users to spread the benefits of their learning, to those who are also interested in holistic wellness, or to those in need of encouragement or help. We share our support by becoming more aware and understanding when faced with different wellness issues, by being more equipped with applicable skills when handling situations, or simply by directly forwarding the potentially helpful resources. With more attention and connection among members in the community, we support our own wellness, and wellness of others.

Mental Health Learning Hub hopes to raise awareness and enhance understanding on mental health among the public through providing promotional and preventive information.

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