Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The first International Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Symposium, which was held from January 13-15, 1997 at the Institute, marked the first major event following the establishment of Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (the Institute). The Opening Ceremony was officiated by Mr. Chau Cham Son, Steward of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, at the beginning of the symposium.

The Institute, a direct subsidiary of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, is set up to provide specialized training for professionals in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health education for the general public as well as people in recovery, as an effort to contribute to the development of the expertise and advocacy in holistic health. The Institute has been keeping itself abreast of the advancement of the psychiatric field since its inception, designing and providing various kinds of training programmes and certificate courses tailored to the needs of the helping professionals. These training programmes aim to enhance the quality of professional service in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Furthermore, overseas experts and academia specialists are invited to conduct lectures and workshops, sharing professional knowledge and experience, as well as latest development in practice and research, in an attempt to broaden our horizon and augment professional skills.

With an aim to promote mental health education, the Institute organizes talks, workshops and seminars to convey messages of good mental health to the public, cultivating an increasing awareness of the importance of attaining holistic wellness of the body, mind and spirit. The Institute also seeks to reduce general public’s misconception of mental illness and help foster proper attitude towards mental health issues.


Specialized Professional Training Programmes

Apart from promoting public awareness on mental health and holistic well-being, the Institute has organized a wide spectrum of training, catering to the specific needs of individual organizations and corporations at different settings in the society.

  1. Government Tender Courses
    The Institute has provided tender courses on staff training at various governmental departments, e.g., Integrated Course on Childhood and Adolescent Mental Disorders at Social Welfare Department, Working with Students with Behavioural and Emotional Problems at Education Bureau; and Working with Difficult Customers at Employees Retraining Board.

  2. Bidding Courses for Public Institutions
    A variety of bidding courses have been conducted for public institutions such as Vocational Training Council and Hospital Authority e.g., Understanding and Working with People Challenged by Personality Disorders, The Journey of Recovery: Principles Practice and Experience, and Prevention and Handling of Violence or Aggressive Behaviours.

  3. Tailor-made Training Invited by Non-Governmental Organizations
    The Institute has also coordinated a wide scope of training for various non-governmental organizations in general, and mental health service agencies in particular with highly positive feedback, e.g., Recovery-oriented service implementation at organizational level, Community-based Clinical Intervention for Mental Health Professionals, Understanding Psycho-geriatric Illness and Older Adults with Emotional Distress.

  4. Training for the Business Sector at Corporate Level
    Training courses are offered to employees at the business corporations in terms of leadership training and people skills, e.g., Effective Coaching Synergy for Excellence and Communication Competence with NLP, In the Face of Workplace Violence, and Managing Stress and Emotion under Financial Tsunami.

  5. Evidence-based Professional Training
    As evidence-based practice is emphasized in professional training and service development, the Institute has provided science-oriented, technology-guided, time-sensitive, and cutting-edge professional training in terms of knowledge base and practical skills. Hence, the Institute plays a highly important role in providing specialized training for the helping professionals, leading to strategic service development at the organizational level, as well as in society at large.


Distinguished Features in Training

In addition to organizing training programmes at the Institute, a wide variety of training packages is provided for the general public and community organizations with the following distinguished features:

  • One-stop Tailor-made Service
    We offer one-stop training service ranging from programme design, working with professional trainers, enrollment of participants, provision of training gears, venue arrangement, and administrative and logistic support.

  • Addressing the Emerging Needs of Society
    As the Institute has been keeping up with the changing trends in psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health service with reference to local and overseas development, training programmes are tailored to address the emerging needs of individuals, organizations, communities, and society at large.

  • Professional Competence of Trainers
    As the standard of excellence in training is highly valued, the Institute has maintained an extensive network of high quality trainers who demonstrate a wide scope of professional competence ranging from clinical knowledge and skills, leadership and management, strategic planning, and service development, thus giving assurance to excellence in training quality.

  • Designated Personnel for Coordination
    Placing the needs of collaborating partners as priority, designated personnel is responsible for coordination work, thus ensuring the high quality of training service.


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