Caring Company 2019/2020

The Association nominated 78 companies and organizations for the Caring Company Scheme this year. We were grateful for their continuous and staunch support.


Companies and Organizations successfully nominated by the Association in Caring Company 2019/2020

  1. Birdland (Hong Kong) Limited
  2. Omnific Works Limited
  3. Fung Heung Yuen Bakery Limited
  4. Yick Fung Engineering & Design Limited
  5. PC Securities Financial Group Limited
  6. Consumer Search Hong Kong Limited
  7. Yummy House International Limited
  8. Ensign Freight Limited
  9. Kai Shing Management Services Limited - One Harbour Square
  10. Pizza Hut Hong Kong Management Limited
  11. Kai Shing Management Services Limited - Two Harbour Square
  12. Vista Paradiso Property Management Limited
  13. Deerhill Bay Management Limited
  14. The Paramount Management Limited
  15. Star Industrial Co. Ltd.
  16. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Reve Plaza
  17. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Po Hong Mansion
  18. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Roca Centre
  19. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Peninsula Heights
  20. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Connaught Garden
  21. Goodwell-Prosperity Property Services Limited
  22. Goodwell Property Management Ltd - Jubilee Garden
  23. Goodwell Property Management Ltd - The Apex
  24. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Sausalito
  25. Goodwell Property Management Ltd - Mont Vert
  26. Goodwell Property Management Limited
  27. Goodwell Property Management Limited - The Victoria Towers
  28. Goodwell Property Management Limited – Oceanaire
  29. ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited - Jubilee Square
  30. ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited - Ma On Shan Plaza
  31. ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited - Fortune City One Plus
  32. ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited - Metro Town Shopping Mall
  33. Cuisine Continental Group (HK) Limited
  34. Cuisine Continental (HK) Limited
  35. Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory Company Limited
  36. Kai Shing Management Services Limited - Apec Plaza Management Services Office
  37. Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited
  38. Golden Resources Development Ltd
  39. Win City Coffee Company
  40. Sanyiptong Company
  41. Prince of Wales Hospital
  42. Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited
  43. KML Engineering Limited
  44. GS1 Hong Kong Ltd
  45. Island South Property Management Limited
  46. LSG Catering China Limited
  47. Castle Peak Hospital
  48. Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department
  49. Kai Shing Management Services Limited - Grand Yoho
  50. Jardine Airport Services Limited
  51. UPS Parcel Delivery Services Limited
  52. NIKE 360 HOLDING B.V.
  53. Kee Wah Bakery Limited
  54. Antalis (Hong Kong) Limited
  55. Chief Holdings (H.K.) Limited
  56. Grandtag Financial Consultancy & Insurance Brokers Limited
  57. Favilla Limited
  59. Sun Hing Optical Manufactory Limited
  60. 101 Studio Limited
  61. Eagle Asset Management (CP) Limited
  62. Eagle Property Management (CP) Ltd
  63. 101 (Hong Kong) Limited
  64. Coils Electronic Co., Limited
  65. Millions Treasure Limited
  66. Parklane Rehabilitation Home
  68. Nikkei Japanese Language School Limited
  69. H.K. L.H.D. Motors Association Limited
  70. Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd
  71. Sui Hing Chemical Co., Ltd.
  72. Kenece International Limited
  73. InterContinental Hong Kong
  74. Blackwell Global Investments (HK) Limited
  75. Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited
  76. Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Limited
  77. Hankyu Hanshin Express (HK) Limited
  78. New Life Support Enterprises Limited
If your company would like to be one of the corporate partners of NLPRA, please contact our Corporate Affairs Department via e-mail corporate_affairs@nlpra.org.hk or phone (Tel: 2332 4343). We are always pleased to discuss and formulate volunteer plans together with you.

The promotion of well-being relies on your support. Let’s walk hand in hand to build an inclusive society.

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