Message from Chairperson

Established in 1965, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association has been unswervingly serving the people in recovery and their family members, as well as promoting mental health and mental well-being in the community. The aims of rehabilitation have evolved together with the development of services, from simple custodial care to the recent development of recovery-oriented services that value strengths-based self-management, empowerment, mutual support, as well as human rights and respect for people in recovery of mental illness. Innovation, creativity, inclusion and professionalism are the pillars of our endeavour.In 2015, the Association will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and this is undeniably an important milestone for us. Through a variety of social services, we will continue to promote the direction "From Recovery to Well-being”. We hope to work closely with all stakeholders in excelling our service quality and strengthening the collaboration between the welfare and health sectors for a better future.Last but not the least, I solemnly express my gratitude to all stakeholders who supported us in the past. Their unfailing support and encouragement are greatly appreciated. With a solid foundation and commitment of every member, I believe the Association will have a prosperous future despite the challenges ahead.


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