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New Life E-Newsletter April 2022

Person with Autism Spectrum Order and Caregiver Learn to Reignite Hope amid COVID-19

The month of April is the World Autism Month, while 2 April is declared by The United Nations General Assembly as the World Autism Awareness Day. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder, characterized by different degrees of impairment and deviance in the development of social communication, cognition and emotions, and presence of restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors and interests as well as sensory processing problems. For Persons with Autism Spectrum Order (PWA), the pandemic surely has aggravated the burden on their shoulders.

In this e-newsletter, we hope to arouse the public awareness on PWAs’ needs, through the sharing from Ching Ho.

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[Media Coverage] Providing Emotional Support amid the Pandemic - Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Support Project

Concerns over people’s mental health rise together with the fifth wave of pandemic. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, New Life launched the Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Support Project (eGPS) in September 2020 to offer mental well-being assessments as well as early intervention to those with mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety disorders. In response to the challenges brought by the latest wave of COVID-19, eGPS introduced the "Pandemic-specific counselling service” in early March to strengthen the support to those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

The "eGPS” and its services were featured by RTHK channel 32’s "Anti-epidemic News Express”. A clinical psychologist from New Life also introduced the "Grounding” practice, a self-soothing skill in the episode.

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New Life’s Services Users Featured in Videos to Promote Social Inclusion

The Task Group on Promoting Social Inclusion under the "Working Group on Promotion of Rehabilitation Services” of the Tuen Mun District Co-ordinating Committee on Rehabilitation Services has produced videos with the theme "sharing of happiness” to raise public awareness about the capabilities of people with disabilities, promote disability inclusion and introduce rehabilitation services. Two service users from New Life were invited to feature in two episodes to share their stories of recovery.

Click here to read the story about Kwok

Click here to read the story about Chun Ying

New Life’s Chairperson Shared Insights at HKCSS Annual Conference on Policy Research and Advocacy

Miss Annie TAM Kam-lan, GBS, JP, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of New Life was invited by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service to join its 2nd Annual Conference on Policy Research and Advocacy with the focus on the challenges and opportunities in data science and informing social services on 18 March. In this online event, Miss TAM hosted a plenary session on "NGO Governance: Data, Technology and Social Innovation” and explored the possibilities and strategies to conduct research and advocacy with the aid of Big Data, and foster the development of government policies and support services.

New Life’s Chairperson and Expert Advisers Visited the Construction Site of the New Long Stay Care Home in Siu Lam, Tuen Mun

Last year, the Social Welfare Department granted the permission to New Life to operate its third long stay care home in Siu Lam, Tuen Mun. Miss Annie TAM Kam-lan, GBS, JP, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of New Life, along with three expert advisers: Mr. Johnny AU Choi-kai, SBS, Mr. YU Wai-wai, JP and Mr. Franki Yeung Kai-yu, and Mr. Thomas CHU Sai-ming, Chief Executive Officer, New Life visited the construction site of the new long stay care home and received the project brief and status report from the facility management team. The facility, which can accommodate 400 people in recovery (PIR) of mental illness, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.


dayday330 x MTR Heartwarming Slogan on Outdoor Display at World-Wide House in Central

A series of cheering and heartwarming slogans have been available in various MTR premises since March 2022. Starting from April 2022,  we can also see these slogans at several outdoor locations. Below is the giant TV screen on the walls of World-Wide House in Central, go and check it out when we visit Central!

Thank You for the Generosity: Donation of Epidemic Prevention Supplies

All staff of New Life are committed to their duties ever since the outbreak of the fifth wave of pandemic. We have been providing high quality services to our service users while we continue to protect our staff and service users from the virus. We would like to express deepest appreciation to the generosity from various entities for their donation of epidemic prevention supplies, which have catered for our imminent needs.

The list of donors as at 31 March 2022 as follows (Listed in no particular order):

- Meiriki Japan Company Limited
- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
- Lee Hysan Foundation
- Koo Tin Lok Charitable Foundation
- SME Sustainability Society
- Shiba Shop
- Hong Kong-Shanghai Economic Development Association
- The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
- The China Merchants Foundation
- Wofoo Social Enterprises
- Wilson Tech (International) Limited

To learn more about donation and corporate partnership with New Life, please contact our Corporate Affairs Department ( / 2332 4343).

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