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New Life E-Newsletter July 2021

Social Enterprise Restaurant so330 Opening in Bustling Wan Chai
Shaping a New Experience of Social Inclusion

so330, a brand new social enterprise restaurant operated by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, has officially opened in June 2021. As a combination of healthy cafe, space for 330 (body, mind and spirit) relaxation, and the Inclusive Barista Academy, this new branch aims to promote the belief of social inclusion and taking care of our well-being.

so330 has invited the One Bite and CoDesign design teams to build such a tranquil place in the hustling and busting center of city for us to enhance our wellbeing.

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Savour The Flavour of Healthy Food
To Enjoy a 330 Micro Break in Busy Life

Being a cafe offering healthy dining, so330 carefully selects organic and local ingredients to make "pleasurable” food and provide cuisine for vegetarian and dietary therapy. Our dietary advisor has specially designed "Taste of Dietary Therapy” menu not only to remind our customers to really sense the flavour of food, but also to promote the concept and life attitude of healthy dining. so330 has invited local coffee master Mr. Ben Lam to design new category using local baked 330 specialty coffee and floral aroma coffee, as well as single original pour-over and Italian coffee bean graded by COFFEE REVIEW.

By providing healthy diet, we hope to encourage everyone with a busy life to nurture themselves a dayday330 habit, to take care for their 3 (body), 3 (mind) and 0 (spirit) well-being.

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Latest News of New Life

Congratulation to Mrs. SO CHAN Wai-hang, Susan, SBS, BBS, Vice President of New Life Rehabilitation Association, to be Awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star Medal

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association sincerely congratulates our Vice President Mrs. SO CHAN Wai-hang, Susan, SBS,BBS on receiving the Silver Bauhinia Star Medal, as affirmation to her long effort in public affair and volunteering work, as well as her outstanding contribution to the society.

President Professor CHEUNG Mui-ching, Fanny, SBS, OBE, JP (First from Right);
Vice President Mrs. SO CHAN Wai-hang, Susan, SBS, BBS (First from Left);
Chairperson Miss TAM Kam-lan, Annie, GBS, JP (Second from Left);
Vice-Chairperson Mr. YOUNG Wai-tsing, Stephen (Second from Right);
*Photo Taken on 2020/21 Annual General Meeting

farmfresh330 Awarded "Consumer Caring Company”

farmfresh330 has been awarded "Consumer Caring Company” by GS1 for two consecutive years. The ceremony was held on 10 June 2021 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The "Consumer Caring Scheme” by GS1 is to acknowledge those local corporations abiding by the principle of "Customer First”. By constantly improving service procedures, products and services quality, such enterprises have not only given customers extraordinary buying experience, but also establish confidence in consumer and earn consumer loyalty.

*GS1 - One of the Supporting Organizations of dayday330 Campaign

To learn more about farmfresh330, please visit

Advertisement Place Sponsorship by dayday330 Supporting Organizations

Since 2019 when "dayday330 Campaign” was first launched, there have been a total of 107 corporates and organizations participated in such meaningful campaign by using various resources to promote the idea of ‘330 Micro Break’. Among all organizations, MTR, Sun Ferry Services Company Limited, CTBus Ltd. and Argos Bus Service Co., Ltd offered free advertisement placements on MTR platforms, ferry terminals and tourist buses to promote the Campaign in 2021.

To learn more about dayday330 Campaign, please visit:

Join Hand with MTR to Promote the Importance of Mental Health
Cheer Up for DSE Students on Result Release Day

21 July was the result release day of DSE exam. New Life joined hand with MTR at Shueng Shui and University Station (MTR East Rail Line) to set up promotion booths for dayday330 Campaign and Positive Psychology, and cheer up candidates with giveaways.

New Life Invited to Join in Green Day by Jardine Matheson Group

Green Day is a signature annual staff event of JM Group. During the event, the company purchased organic soy-bean milk and floral tea from drinks330 under New Life as gift to its employee as reminder of the importance of healthy diet. Besides, New Life had also accepted the invitation from Pizza Hut, the dining brand under JM Group to participate in the Green Market activity, to exhibit the environmentally friendly products and services by our sheltered workshop, including Fruit Ferment Workshop, DIY Thumb Harp, luggage tags and snacks which were very welcomed by the employees.

To learn about donation or corporate partnership with New Life, you are welcome to contact with our Corporate Affairs Department.
( / 2332 4343)。

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