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dayday330 “330 Micro-break X Art” Exhibition

dayday330 “330 Micro-break X Art” Exhibition

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The "dayday330 campaign”, launched by The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) in 2019, is a year-round public awareness campaign on mental well-being. Embracing New Life’s belief in fostering a holistic 330 well-being (body(3), mind(3) and spirit(0) )*, dayday330 encourages every one of us to practices a simple micro break in daily life. The holistic 330 well-being and healthy lifestyle could be enhanced by establishing a 330 micro break habit.

dayday330 "330 Micro-break X Art” Exhibition presented by New Life will be held at Maritime Square 1 from October 15 to 21, 2022. Collaborated with local multimedia artist Kazy Chan, a series of new sculptures are created for this Exhibition. Apart from the new sculptures, the exhibition also features interactive installation and arts workshops for the public to experience how to integrate "330 micro-break” and art in daily life to relieve emotions, reduce stress and enhance body, mind and spirit well-being.

330 Event

Three exhibition zones with different textures to showcase the uniqueness of well-being

The three different exhibition zones will lead you to explore the outer and inner well-being through interactive installations in different forms.

The first zone starts with "Body”: The good physical health condition is the prerequisite for the holistic well-being. You can do relaxing stretching exercises with a VR instructor via the interactive TV.
The second zone "Mind”: The second zone "Mind”: Partnering with "Shall We Talk” (mental health promotion initiative), renowned artists and local athletes are invited to share their heartfelt messages. You can enjoy the pleasure of sharing through the small loudspeaker devices and connect closely with each other.
The third zone "Spirit”: The third zone "Spirit”: A forest-like garden encourages you to savour the present moment with your five senses. You can explore yourself in among the environment to build a connection with the nature.

Exhibition_3 zones

Collaboration of dayday330 and local multimedia artist Kazy Chan

dayday330 "330 Micro-break X Art” Exhibition will introduce different experiential activities and guide the visitors to explore their own 330 space through art format. Collaborated with Kazy Chan, a multimedia artist specializing in story-telling through sculptures, three pieces of sculpture with a fresh and bold palette style embedding with the dayday330 characters – "Dr. 330” and "day day” to echo the theme of body, mind and spirit well-being are created for this exhibition.

dayday330 body
Body – "day day: Good Mood with Daily Exercises” enhances physical quality through sports to achieve well-being health.
dayday330 mind
Mind – "Dr. 330: Share Happiness” shares well-being stories together.
dayday330 Spirit
Spirit – "Hugging Tree” symbolizes the connection with nature to enrich well-being health.

Well-being Space with Local Artworks

Three sets of art installations will be showcased in this exhibition, allowing you to find your own space in the bustling urban life.

  • Created by the people in recovery of mental illness (PIR) at the sheltered workshop operated by New Life, the first set of artwork is filled with bright colours for audiences to feel the passions of the creators.
  • The second set features the new 100% hand-made tufting crafts to interpret the beauty of nature, indulging audiences in an outdoor-like environment to embrace the joy of nature.
  • The third set is about fluid art, letting the audiences to experience the freedom from the art pieces.

  • Brand new "dayday330 Quotes” NFT

    A series of heartwarming messages from the characters of "330 Estates” were transformed to unique NFTs which will be showcased at the exhibition. These "dayday330 Quotes” include "Savouring every happy moment”, "Being curious to add funs in life”, and "Better to share happiness than to be alone” etc. You can keep forever or share them to your beloved ones. Sharing your care and happiness with others can nourish your 330 well-being. At the same time, a self-guided workshop called "Solo Arts Workshop” will be held on the first day of the exhibition (15 October), including succulent pot, dried flower bottle display, mosaic coaster and hand knitted coaster for the public to learn how to practice the "330 micro-break” through handcraft activities. By sharing their works with family and friends, the mutual joy will then become a source of happiness for the mind.

    Details of dayday330 "330 Micro-break X Art” Exhibition:

    Date:15 October 2022 (Sat) to 21 October 2022 (Friday)
    Time:11:00am to 8:00pm (open to public at 3:00pm on 15 October)
    Location:Maritime Square 1, 33 Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi

    For more detailed information, please login to Visitors can win a dayday330 gift bag and dayday330 x Kazy limited-edition tote bag. Don’t miss it!

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