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The Practice of Mindfulness in Life - Patience

The Practice of Mindfulness in Life - Patience

In such a fast pace modern world, the word "Patience” seems to be out-of-date. Even if such word has been introduced since we were little, we may find it challenging to put in practice. However, the growth of life takes time, and the course varies from person to person. Is there any room for ourselves and things around grow and make changes patiently in this rapidly growing society? Today, we would like to share with you the story of a Mindfulness ambassador and to discover the value of patience.

Learning is important for our growth. The content and goal of study varies in different phases of life. As students, we acquire knowledge from textbooks. As employee, we need to learn occupational skills. Any learning process should be suitable to the specific person and follow its own pace. 

For me as a person with hearing difficulty and other learning obstacles, it usually took more time to obtain new knowledge, and always be commented as "slow” and "time-consuming”.  Therefore, I was so eager to master skills or complete jobs quicker than other people that I tend to compete and compare with them inside my mind in many aspects and blame myself if failed. The overloaded expectation has exerted pressure, worries and anxiety to me which has greatly worsened my performance as well as emotional status during study and working.

In the last two years, I was still in undergraduate study but severely distracted by my father, who had injury at work. I was worried about both study and also my incapability of sharing the burden with my family. The idea of "sooner” kept appearing in my mind. I wished to finish my study sooner so I forced myself to spend more time on it. I wished to help relieve the financial pressure of the family sooner so I found a few part-time jobs. I also wished to give my father sooner recovery and alleviate my mother’s anxiety so I spared time to learn more about my father’s injury. Unfortunately, I fell sick due to not enough rest and fell behind at study, and also have tensed relationship with my father. At that time, my life seemed to be hopeless. I was exhausted and felt great pain in my head. The idea of giving up on my last subject kept hoovering over in my mind.

Fortunately, I had the chance to have deep recognition of Mindfulness. One of its key elements, "patience” has profoundly influenced me. I started to realize that the expectation of having good result on the repeating subject had put me in great anxiety. I had neglected my physical and mental needs which also played important part in achieving better result in study. I also realized that the idea of "hoping my father to recover sooner” was too strong that his own feeling had been seriously overlooked. Since I had better understanding of the significance of "patience”, my mentality became stronger which helps me put together my physical and psychological status for study, and rebuild healthy family relationships.

When facing diverse challenges in different phases of life, the idea of "sooner” would have shown up frequently. When we try to deal with difficulties, worries, excessive expectation or passion, we might easily lose patience to feel our own physical and psychological needs and fail to have tolerance to the people around. It is possible that we would be able to hear and discover the in-depth desire of other people and have closer connection with them if we listen to them with patience. Moreover, the patience may give better care to ourselves by closely observe "me” in difficult time.

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