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Share Your Dream

Share Your Dream

Sharing dream is the best way to handle internal dissatisfaction. Grumbling over disappointment and resentment may not only enhance your unhappiness, but also extinguish the passion of other. To rather live in frustration often, why not cheer yourself up by sharing your idea and dreams with people around you?

Of course, dream sharing does not mean dream realization. However, as long as you share it with sincerity and trust, the process itself would bring incredible enjoyment.

Such as, my wish is to have a little house on the beach. I love sea, so it would be dream come true if I may live in that little house. Whenever hearing the pleasing sound of wave, breathing in fresh air or soaking in the quiet atmosphere, I would feel indescribable satisfaction physically and mentally.
But in reality, it would not be easy in reality to realize such a dream.

When facing the above situation, how should I consider this seemingly unreachable dream?

  • To deny it, since unrealistic fantasy only bring disappointment and depression

  • To complain against myself for failing to reach the dream

  • To complain people around me who hinder my forwarding footstep

  • Or to positively share your dream with friends and family, and take a beach vacation for a few day to realize the dream by different means

The example above clearly explains the difference between sharing dream and complaining. We always fear to hear grumble, but love to hear interesting sharing.

Imagine which statement gives you interest to continue conversation with its maker, is it ‘I hate my current job as it puts me in awkward situation’, or ‘Do you know what my favorite job is?’ The former deprives your interest to continue the conversation, while the latter shorten the distance between you and the teller.

Sharing dream brings you inner peace and improve communication efficiency. So from now on, share more!



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