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Wandering Around the Small Shops in Old District - A Journey of Self-Healing

Wandering Around the Small Shops in Old District - A Journey of Self-Healing

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Under the impact of the pandemic and economic downhill, the general psychological health status of Hong Kong people continues to stay low. The chance to interact with people has been greatly reduced. In such difficult time, with the financial support of HKD$700,000 from the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Program, New Life has launched a one-year campaign - "I Feel, I Exist - Journey of Self-Healing”. By holding a series of community events which rebuild the connection between different communities, the campaign hopes to remind the general public to look after their physical and mental health and to reconnect the society.

The campaign will collaborate with several unique small shops in old district to organize activities such as night markets, to provide special experience in five senses to the participants. They will also introduce the effective approaches to release pressure and retain inner peace. Such campaign aims to improve the resilience of the people as well as the whole community, so that they could both remain in healthy state in a long run. Guided tours will also be organized to get its tourists acquainted with Shum Shui Po’s historical and cultural interchange, as well as the distinctive small shops in the district. Such collaboration with those small shops may help them survive and get through the economic winter. All these activities are free of charge so that people in tight financial condition and whoever wishes to improve his or her well-being may join without any barrier. The beneficiary of this project is estimated to be over 9,000.

The multiple Experience of Five Senses

Savoring the unique experience on the five senses (see, hear, taste, smell and touch), the participants in the "Five Senses Guided Tour” will be taking part in a number of workshops held together with the distinctive small shops and stores in Shum Shui Po District. During these activities, our staff will introduce the method of Grounding and give small talks related to positive psychology. They will also explain the "Map of Five Senses” and the difference between routes. The participants of such special journey will discover that he or she is enjoying a journey of self-healing.


  • ‘Hea-L: I See’ Series, including visual experiences such as mobile phone photo-taking, mobile phone video-shooting and photo exhibition

  • ‘Hea-L: I Hear’ Series, including acoustic experiences such as inviting independent musicians or producers in Shum Shui Po, to join hands with the recruited music composers and lyric writers in the area to create songs about the district as records of the human and cultural landscapes

  • ‘Hea-L: I Taste’ Series, including gustatory experiences such as coffee, tea, dessert and cookies tasting

  • ‘Hea-L: I Smell’ Series, including olfactory experiences such as workshops of aromatherapy, soaps, flowering and aromatic stones

  • ‘Hea-L: I Touch’ Series, including tactile experiences such as workshops of ceramics, painting, Western handwriting and massaging

Charting the "Map of Five Senses”

The project will also cooperate with the Shum Shui Po local Street-station organization "The Primary School Students” to recruit local residents, students or people in recovery to become community tour guides. After attending the training courses, workshops and community observation tour, the tour guide will be joining our team to chart the "Map of Five Senses” that best reflects the vividness of this traditional district and design the routes of the "Five Senses Tour”. Their job could be more than paperwork if he or she is interested to physically guide tourists through these unique routes. Besides, the "Five Senses Package” including Mindfulness Gourmet Card, Voice-Guided GPS or little treasures that may trigger one of the five senses, also helps creating personalized Five Senses Tour of relaxation and healing for every participant.

Collaboration Partners

  • COFFEE matter (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • Openground (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • The Po Workspace (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • CC Art Studio (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • Book Punch (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • Half Cup Squat (Small Shop in Shum Shui Po)
  • William Shum (Mobile Phone Photo-taking Hobbyist)
  • Mr. Tse Ka Chun (Independent Musician Living in So UK Estate)
  • United Christian College (Secondary School in Shum Shui Po)
  • Community Reciprocity Development Action (Coreda)



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