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Telling Story with Artwork Creation - The First “gift330” Art Exhibition Launched by New Life

Telling Story with Artwork Creation - The First “gift330” Art Exhibition Launched by New Life

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In 2020, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) brings the artworks from people in recovery (PIR) of mental illness to the world through the gift330 project. Themed with ‘eat’, ‘travel’ and ‘living’, PIR’s art pieces are transformed to lifestyle products and their creativity are being connected with our society and lives.

From 6 to 14 November 2021, New Life organized the "gift330 - Gift me a moment” Artwork Exhibition for PIR to encourage the public to deepen their understanding to such group and discover their talent in art. A total of 65 pieces of artworks were presented at the exhibition and the participants could create a unique postcard at the exhibition venue as a gift for themselves.

The Multiple Meanings of gift330

The gift330 project has multiple meanings.  

  • "gift” indicates that its visitors may choose products from "gift330” as present for their own and their beloved ones. 

  • "gift” also means "talent”, we hope that the public can learn to appreciate the unique art talent of PIR.

  • "present” is not only a synonym of "gift”, but it also means "moment of being”. With "330”, the phonetic similarity of Body (3), Mind (3) and Spirit (0), it represents the idea of "focus on the present moment and take care of our holistic well-being”.

The Story of PIR

Kai Lin – Art Brings Satisfaction

"I used to be irritable, but painting brings me inner peace. Art plays an important role in my life. I found peace in painting and music, they help me to keep emotional stability. I like to share my drawings and food with friends. Presenting my favorite food pepper and lemon on a piece of paper helps me achieve both. I am excited when I heard my artwork is being appreciated, and I am open to different opinions and willing to make modification to give myself improvement.”

King Shing - Color Brings Relaxation

King Shing has developed the hobby of painting before coming to New Life Sheltered Workshop. Most of his paintings choose yellow as background color, and some of the main body would use yellow as well. This is because yellow gives him peaceful feeling, "I think yellow is beautiful.” During art creation, he would look at the canvas as well as the object intently before dipping the first drop. This allows him to present his observation in the drawings more precisely. He likes grapes, apples and bananas, thus when he is about to draw food, he is more excited and concentrated. 

Event Highlights of gift330 Artwork Exhibition


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