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A Brand New Online Learning Hub Improving Holistic Health Through Diversified Courses

A Brand New Online Learning Hub Improving Holistic Health Through Diversified Courses

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Under the impact of pandemics in the last two years, online learning becomes "new normal” in terms of study. Funded by Li Ka Shing Foundation, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) has launched a brand new one-stop online mental health learning hub  in late September 2021. Through a series of Self-learning Courses, Live Zoom Courses and Diversified Information Sharing, the public may study more regarding mental health anytime anywhere with their computer or smartphone free of charge. 

Three forms of "The School of Knowing” online hub:

  • Live Zoom Courses
  • Self-learning Courses
  • Diversified Information Sharing

Live Zoom Courses

The Live Zoom Courses will be held in the form of workshop to enable teacher-to-students and student-to-student interaction and communication. Part of the themes include ‘Tips for Self-Help in Emotional Issue’, ‘Ways to Decode Emotional Issues’, ‘Basic Knowledge of Psychiatric Medication’, ‘Getting to Know Anti-Anxiety And Hypnotic Drug’, ‘ The Sentimental Experience We Usually Meet ’, ‘Learning to Ease and Pause’. To dig deeper in mental health topics with students, tutors would discuss the cause of life pressure and mental illnesses with real-life examples, as well as providing solutions that they used to applied to people in difficulty. 

Self-learning Courses

The Self-learning Courses provide sound navigation, short videos, reading materials and quiz. Students may choose to systematically study by themselves according to their progress and personal interest after working hours. Part of the themes in Self-learning Courses include ‘Exploration of Self Awareness In Life’, ‘Non-Violence Communication x First Experience Of Mindfulness’, ‘Personal Recovery Plan’, ‘Know About The Common Psychiatric Obsession’, ‘Recovery and 330 Well-being’, ‘Preliminary Mental Recovery Techniques And Study Guidance’, ‘Understanding Sentiment’.


Diversified Information Sharing

Through this online learning hub, New Life has invited professional personnel and people in recovery to share diversified mental health information in intriguing forms such as articles, comics and videos, hoping to raise public attention in mental health and wellness. 


The courses are established in the frame of "Aware-Identify-Act”, helping students to have deeper understanding of mental health in a progressive way: from learning, identifying problems, and finally improving ability to self-help and help others. 

The Goal of learning hub:

  • To promote the importance of mental health to the public
  • To provide continual training opportunity to the industry
  • Who is suitable to apply for the online courses on the hub?

    • Practitioner in Mental Health Industry
    • The Public
    • People in recovery and their Care-givers 


    Anyone who wishes to apply may browse the course conspectus on the web page to learn abstract of content, learning goal and time required, and then register as student to make application. Registration is free of charge. 

    Online Mental Health Learning Hub:

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