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Did you see the happiness within bitterness?

Did you see the happiness within bitterness?


"How ah you? And how es your live reasonly?”

Having read the sentence above, what did you find? Many of us must be looking at the typos: ‘ah’, ‘es’, ‘live’ and ‘reasonly’ , and laugh at the mistakes that even a primary school student could have escaped but committed by a well-educated psychologist. But have you also noticed that there were in fact other five words that were spelled correctly?

People tend to focus on mistakes, differences, and deviations. The anxiety caused by deficiency and difficulty could easily cover the beauty of life. Such situation is more prominent when we are facing hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic and the poor economy have become the two biggest challenges to many at this moment. However, even in such difficult time, we should learn to pay more attention to the beauty in life, participate in different positive activities and enjoy the life with happiness.

The theory of Positive Psychology always reminds us that there are five elements to attain well-being:

  1. Positive Emotion

    You can participate in activities that bring positiveness in emotions such as joy and comfort. One of the recommendations is to ‘savour’ - choosing your favourite food, music, book or a piece of window with fine scenery, and indulge yourself in it without any peripheral disturbance. If possible, use all five sensations to feel and enjoy the satisfaction. Another suggestion is to ‘be thankful’ - that is to set aside some time to clear you mind and rewind your memory to find the things that are worthy of being happy and grateful about. Think closely of its causes and show your sincerest gratitude to people and things involved or merely the luck you had. It is believed that these two recommendations are able to cultivate our positive emotion.

  2. Dedication

    To devote ourselves into art creation, musical performance and sports may take us to be completely absorbed by ourselves. In this state, we forget about time and would be filled up with the sense of happiness.

  3. Interpersonal Relationship

    To be with someone we love, even without doing anything special, this could also bring us the sense of happiness. If we could share interesting things or stories with others, it is imaginable that the joy would be doubled and the sorrow would be alleviated.

  4. Meaning of Life

    To breakthrough or merge into groups with similar value, so as to connect with the world is one of the best way to enhance our well-being. Some may even have higher pursuit in spirit and make attempt to connect with gods for greater rewards. Apart from having a bustling working life, some nonetheless join activities of family, disciplinary crews, religious and voluntary groups to achieve a meaningful life.

  5. Personal Achievement

    Both sense of success and control bring in positiveness as well. It does not have to be astounding accomplishment, but only some small goals we set up and manage to complete, such as tidy-up the wardrobe, learning a new dish or knitting a scarf. Completion of these small goals always creates feeling of success and enhance our well-being.

We could never avoid unhappiness in life. However, there is ‘Happiness’ within. We could always devote ourselves in positive activities so that happiness may appear in our lives. Are you willing to experience one of the five elements above and turn your attention to the bright side of life?


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