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Savour The Flavour of Healthy Food - To Enjoy a 330 Micro Break in Busy Life

Savour The Flavour of Healthy Food - To Enjoy a 330 Micro Break in Busy Life

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Being a cafe offering healthy dining, so330 carefully selects organic and local ingredients to make "pleasurable” food and provide cuisine for vegetarian and dietary therapy. Our dietary advisor has specially designed "Taste of Dietary Therapy” menu not only to remind our customers to really sense the flavour of food, but also to promote the concept and life attitude of healthy dining. so330 has invited local coffee master Mr. Ben Lam to design new category using local baked 330 specialty coffee and floral aroma coffee, as well as single original pour-over and Italian coffee bean graded by COFFEE REVIEW.  

By providing healthy diet, we hope to encourage everyone with a busy life to nurture themselves a dayday330 habit, to take care for their 3 (body), 3 (mind) and 0 (spirit) well-being.

so330 Recommendation

1. Floral Aroma Coffee

After placing order, customer may follow instructions on the cue card or scan QR code provided by so330 connecting to the guidance video clip online to make a cup of Floral Coffee, and to enjoy a 330 Micro Break.

2. Homemade Organic Soy Bean

Utilising homemade organic soy bean, mixing with ingredients such as matcha, purple sweet potato, curcumin, black sesame and butterfly pea, the colourful organic soy-bean milk presented by so330 does not only offer health, but also visual enjoyment best for selfie photos. In addition, the Japanese salad and the warm salad mixed with organic tofu are also specialties for recommendation. 


3. Dietary Therapy Cuisines

The Dietary Therapy Cuisines are elaborately designed by Mrs. Kishimoto, Dietary Therapy Advisor. It emphasises the principal of "Entirely In-taking and Be loyal to Birth Place; Balance in Dining; Five Grains for Raising; Saucing with the Traditional; and Chewing with Gratitude”. Therefore, most ingredients are chosen from local organic varieties, such as the organic pumpkin set meal. 


4. The Mindfulness Monday

At 3:30p.m every Monday afternoon in so330, the "Mindfulness Monday” workshop provides "One Seat” vacancies in the restaurant, as well as a "One Seat Mindfulness Tea Set” for customers to exercise Mindfulness Dining. 

The "One Seat Solo Dining” vacancy in so330 is created to allow its taker to situate oneself in a quiet place, so that he or she could enjoy a quality 330 Micro Break. The restaurant will also hold talks, workshops and mindfulness exercise to give better care of 330 well-being of participants, including "Pour-over Coffee-Bring You Back to Now”, "Zen of Tea”, "Dietary Therapy Talk”, and "Wagashi and 330 Health Workshop”.

About so330
Shop A-C, G/F, Tai Yuen Court, 38 Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai, HK
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sat & PH: 11:00am - 6:00pm
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