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Experience Sharing - Life after Taking Mindful Parenting Programme

Experience Sharing - Life after Taking Mindful Parenting Programme

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Similar to the majority of parents in Hong Kong, Jo and Abby believed that peaceful communication with children to understand their real thoughts was a ‘Mission Impossible’ before attending the mindful parenting programme conducted by the  New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life). The disobedience from children would easily trigger their temper. 

This was a vicious cycle: when facing so-called ‘disobedience behaviour’ from children, Jo and Abby’s patience collapsed in seconds. They lost temper and yelled at the children in most of the occasions. Unfortunately, their children turned out to behave more rebelliously due to being overly reproached. Eventually, Jo and Abby did not only get more stressful in parenting, but deeply sabotage their own parent-child relationships.  


Chart of the Vicious Cycle In Pressure of Parenting& Relationship with Children

Experience Sharing - Life after Taking Mindful Parenting Programme

Jo, Programme Participant
‘Through practicing mindfulness, I started to be conscious of my emotion at the present moment. Now, whenever my son gets angry, I take a deep breath before any actions to stabilize my emotion instead of yelling and screaming to him straight away. Then, a peaceful mind does help me find out the reason behind his anger and solve the problem in calm mind state. Since then, my relationship with my son has greatly improved.’

Abby, Programme Participant
‘Accomplishing mindful parenting programme, I realized that I should not look at my son with any judgment before communicating with him. There once I refused to buy him a toy which had made him mad. I had not criticized him immediately as before, but closely listen to him and try to share his feeling as alternative after joining the programme. This had become a huge turn in our relationship, and we are getting so much closer in relationship now.’

Susanna Choy, Clinical Psychologist, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
‘Within 8-week time of mindful parenting, I have witnessed changes in Abby and Jo who have deepened their connection with children after accomplishment. I do wish that more parents may ameliorate their parent-child relationships through mindfulness exercises, while at the same time release their stress and maintain positive physical and mental health in a long run.’


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