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New Life E-Newsletter December 2021

Launched "Programming and Art Creation Partnership” Program to Improve Digital Skill of People in Recovery

The pandemic has caused dramatic changes in Hong Kong business environment, it also accelerates the digital transformation of the city and the market demand to human resource with relevant skills has been raised. Funded by HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Program, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) has launched the "Programming and Art Creation Partnership” Programme from September 2021 to August 2022 with a total of HKD$ 534,780 sponsorship. This program is comprised of three major areas: "Passing on New Skills”, "Creating Fun with Tech” and "Creating Kid’s Enjoyment with Tech”. The purpose of such program is to teach people in recovery (PIR) of mental illness, high functional persons with Autism and youngsters the skills of computer programming and operation of digital tools. Through specific training, social inclusion is promoted. This program also promotes the combination between advanced technology and the traditional wood craft, farming and environmental protection.

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Wandering Around the Small Shops in Old District - A Journey of Self-Healing

Under the impact of the pandemic and economic downhill, the general psychological health status of Hong Kong people continues to stay low. The chance to interact with people has been greatly reduced. In such difficult time, with the financial support of HKD$700,000 from the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Progran, New Life has launched a one-year campaign - "I Feel, I Exist - Journey of Self-Healing”. By holding a series of community events to rebuild the connection between different communities, the campaign hopes to remind the general public to look after their physical and mental health and to reconnect the society.

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Updates of New Life

WhatsApp Stickers from dayday330 - Sending You the Warmest Seasonal Regards

2022 is around the corner, dayday330 has prepared a series of WhatsApp Sticker and GIFs for Christmas and New Year to send you the warmest regards in this joyful season.


About dayday330 Campaign

Launched in 2019, the dayday330 Campaign aims to encourage every one of us to practice a simple 330 Micro Break every day. There has been research evidence showing that taking a 330 Micro Break can help reduce stress, relieve emotions and enhance well-being. New Life believes that everyone would enjoy holistic well-being by sparing a little time on having a 330 Micro Break.

A total of 4,300 individuals has been signing up for the dayday330 charter so far and promising themselves a daily "330 Micro Break”. Besides, over 100 communities and enterprises have joined the campaign as supporting organizations. For more information of dayday330, please refer to the below link:

Pre-Order Your Turnip Cake from Delight Kitchen - Enjoy Early Bird Discount Before 16 Jan 2022

As traditional Chinese New Year is coming, tasting freshly made turnip cakes with friends and families from local brand as support to Social Enterprises would be a win-win choice. The Delight Kitchen turnip cake (about 750g/box) is manufactured with organic turnip from New Life Farm and local cured meat, offering the Tradition Flavour and Vegetarian Flavour. 

Traditional Flavour - using organic turnip from New Life Farm and locally made cured meat with no additives
Original Price: $208 / Discounted Price: $168
(Ordering before 16 Jan 2022 could enjoy Early Bird Discount!)
Vegetarian Flavour - using organic turnip, cordyceps flower, dry vegetables and plum vegetables from New Life Farm
Original Price: $188 / Discounted Price: $158
(Ordering before 16 Jan 2022 could enjoy Early Bird Discount!)

Making Orders and to Learn More:
Phone: 2231 7500


Chairperson of New Life Executive Committee Sharing Experience with Social Service Management Staff

Invited by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Chairperson of New Life Executive Committee Miss TAM Kam-lan, Annie, GBS, JP shared her experience and tips in working with 29 participants from the 3rd  LEAP For Social Service Management  Programme. Taking dayday330 Campaign as case analysis, participants had better understanding of how to integrate innovative ideas into social services.

The Kwai Tsing Community Green Station Joined The Grand Educational Campaign under the "Green @Community Recycling Station 2021”

As pandemic becomes stable, the Kwai Tsing Community Green Station (KWTCGS) operated by New Life has returned to normal and gradually resumed off-line activities. In October and November, KTCGS outreaching team participated in the off-line activities under the "Green @ Community Recycling Station 2021” organized by Environmental Protection Department. At the booths of Tsuen Wan Center and Wonderland Villas, New Life had organized activities to educate attendants how to reuse waste and lead a greener life. 

To know more about The Kwai Tsing Community Green Station, please follow our Facebook page: (


The Hong Kong Disneyland Volunteer Team Visiting New Life Farm and Serving as Volunteers

On 21 and 26 November, the Hong Kong Disneyland volunteer team had visited the New Life Farm and joined the volunteer service, taking part in crops harvesting and gardening to experience the real farming work. They also helped in elevating the flower grid and decorate the farm. The volunteer team agreed that they have deeper understanding to New Life and the people in recovery of mental illness after such meaningful event.

To make donations or explore on partnership idea with New Life, please contact Corporate Affairs Department at ( / 2332 4343)。

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