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I Could Work Independently

I Could Work Independently

I am Kit, a trainee at Kwai Shing Sheltered Workshop under New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life). I have been receiving vocational rehabilitation service for eight years and currently I am receiving training at the "Bean Production Group”. As a moderated mentally handicapped person, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in 2003. Such disease forced me to get into excessively patterned life and overly pursue perfection in anything which drag my productiveness far behind from normal people. I could not help but keep washing hands frequently, murmuring a lot and peeling my hands. Until now, I still must meet my clinical psychologist and attend psychiatric medical appointment at hospital periodically.  

When my behaviors were seen, I was considered freak in the eyes of others. No matter how hard I tried to control myself, I could not prevent from carrying out all the above behaviors. Due to my "weirdness”, my mother kept me in protection for all these years, and I became overly reliant on my mother. I was the princess at home, no need to do housework and always be accompanied by parents. 

When I first received training at the Sheltered Workshop, I was assigned to the "Handcrafting Group”. However, limited by the hand muscle flexibility and weak in concentration, I found it hard to handle those complex procedure. Noticing my difficulty, social workers, occupational therapists and instructors encouraged me to shift to "Bean Production Group” to continue my training, using the knowledge I learned in Food Manufacturing Course of VTC. At the beginning, I could not even finish simple cleaning work, not to mention other difficult tasks. My obsession had brought out all my weird behaviors. I failed to get along with other students, and even involved in argument with them sometimes. I felt depressed since I caused too much trouble and I lost almost all my confidence. 

Fortunately, instructors from the Sheltered Workshop gave me guidance and taught me social techniques. My work allocation was also adjusted according to my progress. After receiving training, I gradually learned the correct way to wash hands, the importance of vocational safety and more detailed work procedure. Under continuous encouragement, I began to pick and weigh bean independently, and also clean the whole soybean machine by myself. Even my mother was surprised by the huge progress I made. 

The vocational training at the Sheltered Workshop had not only trained me to be independent, but also taught me a lot of interpersonal skills. The social workers and instructors guided me with necessary social manners. The clinical psychologist paid me visit periodically and provide psychological consultation. Besides, the staff from the Sheltered Workshop introduced my mother to Family Support Service where she would learn skill to get along with me. Now, she is assured to let me face most of the new challenges in the training. And she also understood that with medication and psychological support, my OCD could be largely ameliorated. 


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