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Review on Diversified Development of New Life  Looking Forward to 2022

Review on Diversified Development of New Life Looking Forward to 2022

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Although the Pandemic resurged in 2021, giving New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) tough challenges, our pace to move on never stopped. We have made new attempts and been able to provide diversified services to the people in recovery of mental illness (PIR). Thanks to the unwavering support from our friends and business partners, New Life managed to achieve significant progress in the past year.

Two More Social Restaurants to Promote Healthy Diet

Located in InnoPort at CUHK, the inno330 restaurant was officially launched in January 2021. As a social enterprise operated by New Life, inno330 aims to transmit information regarding healthy diet and the importance of holistic well-being to wider scale, through provision of organic and low-carbs menu, comfortable environment and organizing workshops related to "330” (body, mind and spirit) health. Another social restaurant, the so330, had its soft launch in June last year on Tai Yuen Street in Wan Chai. so330 is the combination of a healthy cafe, space for "330” and the inclusive academy for barista, reserving a piece of tranquil spot in the busy area for physical and mental relaxation. New Life had invited friends and partners to witness its official opening in September.

Promoting "330 Happy Break” to reminder the public taking good care of themselves

As the pandemic continues, New Life understood that it was hard for the general public to stay physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, in March 2021, the dayday330 Campaign initiated the "330 Happy Break” special event to encourage Hong Kong people to take a 330 Micro Break in their daily life. Through "Savoring food”, "Savoring Art in Life”, and "Savoring Every Joyful Moment”, we hoped this can help collect positive emotions. This event included to partner with a variety of restaurants and shops to design time-limited menu of "330” products, such as books or floral coffee to more people, so as to provide more ideas for a daily Micro Break.

Organizing Art Exhibition to Show Talents of People in Recovery

At the same time, New Life strived to promote the art talent of the people in recovery of mental illness (PIR) through gift330 project. The project had successfully brought their art pieces into the community. Using Eating, Travelling and Living as themes, a series of products with PIR’s art painting such as dining tools had connected their creation with our daily life. In last November, the "gift330: ‘gift’ me a moment – People in Recovery Art Exhibition” was held in G/F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok for 9 days. In such exhibition, the public could show their appreciation to the art talent of PIR and have deeper understanding to their heart.

New Ideas for New Services in 2022

Entering 2022, creative ideas of New Life continue to pop up. A series of new projects will be launched to meet the diversified needs of PIR, as well as the mental health needs of the general public. The firstly launched three projects will cover but not limited to the training for lay leaders in the community, and relative support to caregivers. New Life has applied the Phase One of Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme and are successfully approved by the Food and Health Bureau of HKSAR. These Projects include:

  1. Mental Wellness "Lay Leader” Training and Promotion Project – Mental Wellness in Action (New Life x EdUHK)

  2. Emotional Fitness Intervention To all (eFIT) Psychoeducation Program

  3. "Family Fan” Training and Support Services Scheme

Meanwhile, New Life has also been granted to operate its third Long Stay Care Home in Siu Lam, Tuen Mun. With many years of experience in running the Long Stay Care Home in Tuen Mun and the New Life Building Long Stay Care Home in Kowloon, the third LSCH will be offering more comfortable and well-managed residential and care services to the people in need.

Moreover, sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HKJC), the Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre has been renovated to try out the new Sheltered Workshop model. As renovation accomplished, service users have already resumed their training in the new Sheltered Workshop. Besides, the 3-year project Emotional and Psychological Clinic (E-clinic) supported by HKJC has finished preparation and will be launched this year.

Apart from all the new projects mentioned above in 2022, New Life has also scheduled to publish new books under dayday330 Campaign in the second quarter of 2022 to share more tips on 330 Micro Break. In October 2022, New Life will organize Recovery Symposium to share our experience on the adaption of recovery model at the services with the stakegolders.


Looking forward to 2022, New Life will continue to develop in mental health sector, and the priority will continue to be the needs of PIR and that of the general public. With our innovation in service provision, as well as the support from friends and partners, we endeavor to build a society with full holistic well-being.



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