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The Way to Ease Parental Pressure

The Way to Ease Parental Pressure

Parenting is unquestionably a tough mission.

Many parents have read numerous books and articles in such area and participated in relative courses hoping to gain higher efficiency in education, those techniques we ‘acquired’ may fail in many occasions, especially when parents are under the parental pressure and working at the same time. Therefore, we recommend Mindful Parenting to you. It does not provide any further skills, but focus on the self-awareness being a parent to recognize what we really need to pay attention to.


One of the key topics in Mindful Parenting, is to face the emotions and pressure from parenting. As parents, we should learn to be aware of the different emotional and pressurizing elements in education, including physical sensations, thoughts, behaviors, etc. For instance, when we are going to lose temper, we may notice that:

  1. Our heart rate increases rapidly, muscle is tensed or face is flushing.

  2. Our thoughts such as ‘Not again!’ or ‘Why he/she never listens?’.

  3. The impulse to scold might have swept away all skills and techniques in your head in such negative state.

Therefore, to properly educate our children, technique is one thing, but how to timely release pressure on ourselves is more important.

Our Mindful Parenting course aims to help parents develop the awareness to take care of themselves under parental pressure. Through the course, we

  • Encourage parents to be conscious to all possible stress and emotions, and learn to be with them.

  • Help parents to learn that it is the general experience for them to feel stressed. Since life is a process of continuous learning, excessive self-criticism is unnecessary.

  • Focus more on how to properly manage our emotional stability and give ourselves more love during difficulty, so that we would be able to choose a wiser and more appropriate way to respond to any challenge.


Parenting is never an easy task. Pressure would certainly be alleviated if we know how to notice our emotions within, and so we can take better care of ourselves.


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