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Our Happy Moments

Our Happy Moments

Please close your eyes and rewind the ten happiest things you have ever experienced in your life and try to write them down. Think it over carefully, which ones were done alone and which ones were done with others?

Many people realise that they used to experience joyful moments with others. Indeed, positive interpersonal relationship correlates happiness, good quality of life and life satisfaction.

On the contrary, research indicates that persons who suffer from mental distress have less participation of social life when comparing to ordinary people. In another word, they have less close families or friends. This shows that interpersonal relationship is important to our well-being.

Now please remind yourself again, do you have any experience of sharing those joyful moments with other people. How do you feel?

Research reveals that the joy brought by sharing may possibly create more happiness than the subject itself. Research also shows that the reaction of the audiences may affect the happiness created during the process of sharing.

Imagine that one day you helped a stranger who showed huge gratitude to you. When you share the experience with close families or friends, what kind of reactions you are expecting from them?

  1. That’s it? Why is it worth to be happy about?

  2. I did the same thing too! My story was... (story telling mode on)

  3. That is great!

  4. ‘Pleasure always come from helping others’. I believe you and the stranger both enjoy the experience so much. Please share the whole story with me!

Unsurprisingly, the first option was the least favorite as it shows coldness and detachment that depresses our happiness. Option two hurts less than the previous one, but we could not feel any interest from the listener. The most favorable choice would very likely to be the fourth one: where the listener shows enough appreciation, support and eager to know more about the story. Comparing to the third option, the last one allows us to rethink and share the experience that effectively strengthen the feeling of happiness.

So, if you wish to have a more joyful life, please keep close contacts with families, friends or colleagues you may rely on. We can nurture each other by taking part in interesting activities or sharing happiness with each other. If your listeners do not know how to respond in an active and constructive way, you could set up examples on your own when hearing their sharing and let them learn from you.


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