Art is a barrier-free platform for creation and communication. It enables PIRs to unearth and realize individual’s strengths, promote connection to one’s inner resources and potential, achieve well-being and exhibit these strengths and competence to the community.

In order to cultivate PIRs’ creativity, interested in arts, enrich PIRs’ personal strengths and self-esteem, the Association has incorporated elements of art into our services since 2005. Various art media including dance and movement, music, drawing and clay art are adopted and developed.


Inclusive Art Programs

Date Program Name
2014 -2017 "MINDSET Expression”
2012, 2014 – now Photovoice
2013 – now Puppet Theatre
2012 – now Dance and Movement
2012 "ART330”
2010-2011 "The same, not the same” Social Inclusive Arts Project
2010 "Fly High!” Multimedia Art Exhibition
2010 "Japan SAORI 40th Anniversary Weaving Exhibition”
2010 "Art in Hong Kong”
2009 "Break the Frame for a New Life” Art Exhibition
2007-2008 "Inclusive Family Movement” Workshop
2005-2006 Expressive Art - ”Door-inside-out” drama performance



  • Tree of Life Album: Stories of Resilience” (2013)
  • The Mind Painter (2012)
  • "Painting.Frame” Art Exhibition (2009)

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