Go-green Campaign

In view of the severity of the global environment issues and the rapid depletion of natural resources, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association integrates the concept of environmental protection into the organizational culture and is committed to implement green measures in daily management and operation. Elements of sustainability are infused into the daily life and work habits of the service users and our staff to heighten their environmental awareness. Apart from service users and staff, we also actively disseminate the green message to the volunteers, our partners and the community.

We are committed to roll out green policy covering six major aspects, namely reduce, recycle, reuse, green purchase, green management and facilities, and green promotion and education.


Go-green Working Group

The Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement Subcommittee organized a seminar on the development of green work in July 2013, after which the go-green working group was established to formulate the direction, framework and objectives of green initiatives, provide information for service units to promote environmental protection work, monitor the effectiveness for the continuity of green efforts.


Kick-off Ceremony and Green Attitude Charter

The Go-green Campaign was launched officially with the kick-off ceremony in January 2014. Green Attitude Charter was signed by Green Ambassadors of all the service units at the event to signify their commitment in environmental protection through implementation of environmentally friendly measures and leading by example to promote green culture proactively in the workplace.

  • Green Ambassadors signed the "Green Attitude Charter” at the Go-green Kick-off Ceremony.

  • Dr. William Yu, Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organization attended the ceremony and shared the information of environment protection with the participants.


"Greenery”, "Cheery” and "Promissory”

Three mascots namely "Greenery (綠仔)”, "Cheery (樂仔)” and "Promissory (諾仔)” symbolize our determination to take responsibilities for environmental protection, implement environmental friendly initiatives and work together towards an environmentally sustainable future. The mascot design is adapted in various green tips that are displayed in prominent places to encourage the staff and service users to cultivate green habits such as energy saving, water conservation and reducing waste at source.


Green Involvement

New Life has been proactively pursing environmental protection activities within the organization as well as participating in various programmes run by other organizations including:

  • Energy Saving Scheme
    Service units are encouraged to set goals of reduction in consumption of electricity, review the electricity saving measures amongst service users and staff and examine the effectiveness of energy conservation.
  • Enhance Energy Efficiently Of Air-conditioners
    In general, electricity consumption of air-conditioners is much higher than other electrical appliances. Air-conditioners which had been used for more than 8 years would be replaced by the air-conditioners with Grade 1 Energy Label in order to improve energy efficiency. In addition, solar protection window film is installed in the service units to reflect away solar energy to maintain a more moderate, comfortable indoor temperature. In turn, reliance on air conditioners can be reduced resulting in reduced energy usage.
  • Green Footprint
    Service units submit the "Green Footprint Record” to share their experiences in active implementation of green work and environmental education activities.

    • Upcycling – Trainees "upcycle” the waste plastic bottle caps and "transform” them into keychains in a creative way.

    • Through "Green Flea Market” the barter platform, users of residential services can share and exchange goods to achieve a balanced resource allocation and waste reduction at source.

    • Staff of vocational rehabilitation services made potted plant to create a greener workplace in the activity "Green330”.
  • Energy Improvement Works
    As supported by Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), fluorescent tubes of higher energy efficiency and air-conditioners have been installed in 11 residential service units and 2 vocational rehabilitation services units.
  • Food Waste Recycling Project
    New Life Farm received grants from ECF to install a composting machine which converts the collected food waste to organic compost for the use of the Farm. Apart from the collection and recycling of food waste, visits and seminars are organized for the public to promote food waste minimization, waste reduction at source and organic farming.

    • Environment and Conservation Fund supported the installation of composting machine.

    • Visit programmes are organized for the community
  • Food Sharing Project
    Aiming to encourage the public to reduce food waste and promote food donations, the Association has undertaken a food sharing project in Wong Tai Sin and Tuen Mun since 2012. With the support from ECF, the project extended to Kwai Chung and Tsuen Wan from June 2015 onwards, incorporating elements like community participation and promotion of environmental friendly messages in schools, etc.

    • Around 200-240 people were given food per day in the Food Sharing Project.

    • The Project incorporates community involvement.
  • CLP GREEN PLUS Energy Billboard Service Program and Energy Audit
    Several service units joined the energy audit programme organized by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. With reference to the audit reports and recommendations provided by CLP, service units can improve their energy efficiency. The GREEN PLUS Energy Billboard Service Program provided information about the overall electricity consumption on a quarterly basis.


Green Support

Apart from the active implementation of green initiatives within the Association, we also support the green actions launched by government departments and other organizations that are conducive to environmental protection and sustainability, which include:

The Association signed up to the "Charter on External Lighting” launched by Environment Bureau. The external lighting is switched off from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. on the following day to reduce light nuisance and energy wastage.

The Association also supported the campaign organized by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and became a signatory of the "Say No To Shark Fin” pledge. We agreed to exclude shark fin from the menus of official events, entertainment functions and public activities to fulfill social responsibilities.

According to the information provided by Environmental Protection Department, most of Hong Kong’s food waste is disposed at landfills together with other municipal solid waste at present. The practice of disposing of biodegradable food waste at landfills is not sustainable and is environmentally undesirable as it depletes the limited landfill space, creates odour nuisance and the useful organic contents are wasted. In order to address the problem of food waste, the Association joined the campaign "Love Food, Hate Waste” organizing by Bo Charity Foundation – Food Angel, which promotes the message of cherishing food.

  • Campaign stickers are put on the garbage bins of service units and offices to remind staff and service users to cherish food and reduce food waste.


Green Education

The "Green Book” containing environmental education materials including relevant information, quizzes and green living tips was issued to serve as a resource kit for staff and service users in order to enhance their knowledge of environmental protection.

  • Let’s Go Green Booklet

Love Green Day 2017 was held on 14 January 2017at New Life Farm. Around 130 staff including the Green Ambassadors attended the event. Ms. Woo Yuen Ling and Mr. Ho Yuk Loi, Chairman and member of QACQI Sub-committee, and Ms. Sania Yau, CEO also attended to show support to the event. Service units shared their experience of implementing green initiatives in the past years and four initiatives were awarded with "the Green Star Idea Award”. Kick-off ceremony of "Love Green Action Plan 2017-2019” and Green Ambassador Appointment Ceremony were held. Ms. Woo and Ms. Yau delivered a speech to remark the contribution of the staff members and service users to environment protection and to encourage continuous proactive involvement from staff to the Love Green Action Plan respectively.

Following the ceremony, a tour of New Life Farm was arranged for the participants to introduce organic farming and upcycling of food waste by food waste decomposer. Besides, service units shared different types of upcycling ideas through interactive workshops. Green Glass Green ("香港泥頭車司機協會「玻璃再生璀璨」項目”) and Missing Link-Polyfoam Recycling Scheme ("荃灣區青少年發展協會迷失的寶藏—發泡膠回收行動”), two organizations provided exhibition booths to introduce the recycling of glass and plastic foam. Participants gave positive comments as the event had facilitated the exchange of green initiatives and the upcycling workshops were interesting and innovative.

  • Love Green Day 2017 was held at New Life Farm on 14 January 2017

  • Kick-off Ceremony of "Love。Green” 3-year Action Plan

  • Green Ambassadors signed the "Green Attitude Charter” at the Green Ambassadors appointment ceremony.

  • Participants upcycled the drinks carton into a purse during the upcycling workshop

  • Organic farming was introduced to the participants during the tour of New Life Farm

Go-Green Working Group disseminates green information on environmental protection and environmental issue via email and instant messenger to raise environmental awareness among staff and foster green culture within the Association.


Our Achievements

New Life Farm and Joyous Place received the Bronze Award and Merit Award in CLP Power Hong Kong Limited’s GREEN PLUS Award programme in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

  • The Association won the Bronze Prize under NGO category in CLP Green Plus Recognition Award.

Moreover, the Head Office, New Life Farm and Joyous Place were awarded the "Green Office” label and the United Millennium Development Goals’ "Better World Company” label under the Green Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) organized by the World Green Organization (WGO) in 2014 and the Head Office was continually awarded the aforesaid labels in 2015 and 2016.

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