Maximizing social impact

Our ultimate goal is to maximize social impact in obtaining the most possible benefits to our society. We aim at creating as many as training and open employment opportunities for PIRs, help them empower themselves in the journey of recovery, educate public and raise awareness on well-being.

Besides generating income, either in terms of training allowance or salary, to economically empower PIRs, our social enterprises can also achieve the following social impact:

  • Provide work opportunities for PIRs
  • Enhance work skills of PIRs and establish good work attitude, so as to help them achieve open employment and self-reliance
  • Increase confidence of PIRs
  • Expand social network and exposure of PIRs
  • Improve family relations of PIRs
  • Demonstrate the ability of PIRs to the public to enhance their understanding towards PIRs
  • Improve social image of PIRs
  • Promote social inclusion through interaction between customers and PIRs
  • Promote the message of well-being through high-quality products and services

We strive to maximize social impact via the following strategies:

  • Training and employmnet model

    Provide training and job opportunities for PIRs to have on-site training in our various social enterprises.

  • Brand building

    Raise public awareness on well-being via "330 brand". Invite the PIRs to share their stories in different media to establish a positive image.

  • Public education

    Reducing misconception, achieving social inclusion, increasing public acceptance and community involvement are important elements in educating the general public.

  • Partnership

    Collaborate with numerous partners in both government and commercial sectors, provide them with high quality services and products.


Social Enterprises – Training and Employment Figures 2019/2020

No. of Service Users Trained 458
Existing No. of Disabled Staff 81
No. of Service Users in Open Employment 78
No. of service users successfully discharged from service 30


User quote

image"I am pleased to have an opportunity here to show my ability, develop work skills, achieve independence & re-integrate into the community.”

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