Art can be an enlightening experience. It can also be found in every detail of our life. By learning to relish the taste of life, everyone can be an artist.

In 2020, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association brings the artworks from people in recovery(PIR) to the world through the gift330 project. Themed with ‘eat’, ‘travel’ and ‘living’, PIR’s art pieces are transformed to lifestyle products and their creativity are being connected with our society and lives.

The gift330 project has multiple meanings. ‘Gift’ also means ‘present’ and ‘talent’ in English. Therefore, gift330 is more than just a present. It also represents the unique talent of every PIR. ‘Present’ is not only a synonym of ‘gift’, but it also means ‘this moment of being’.

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Video Sharing

The Art of Satisfaction-Wong Kai Lin:
Art.Life.Peace -Chan King Shing:


"gift” me a moment – gift330 Art Exhibition

Online Exhibition:

Exhibition Highlight


gift330 exh




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