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Service Introduction

In 2003, under the support of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and through the training course organized for the family members of service users of halfway houses, family members interested in self-help were identified for a preparatory committee to set up a self-help organization for family, aiming to build up a support network, promote the spirit of mutual help, relieve the stress of family member / carers and enhance their mental health. After one year’s preparation, "Family Network” was registered in 2004 as a self-help organization under the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong, and the first annual general meeting was held in the same year to elect committee members who would be responsible for the implementation of our service. Family Network was funded by the "Financial Support Scheme for Self-help Organizations of Persons with Disabilities / Chronic Illnesses” of Social Welfare Department in 2014. Family Network has now more than 500 members.

Our Aims

 Believing in the power of fellowship, we strive for facilitating family members / carers of persons in recovery of mental illness through the following:

  • establishing a continuous support network, and encouraging mutual help and support;
  • providing rehabilitation information and training to enhance the confidence and ability of family members/carers;
  • advocating social inclusion and concern, and protecting the rights and interests of persons in recovery and their family members / carers.

Our Service

  • Promote self-help to enhance strengths and abilities by emphasizing different services and activities organized and led by family members / carers;
  • Strengthen mutual support network by sharing their lived experience at the regular gatherings "Our Network” for family members / carers;
  • Enhance mutual care and communication through "We Care” warm line service and gatherings run by the volunteers;
  • Organize diversified educational activities in health and mental health to enhance family member’s knowledge and concern in well-being;
  • Advocate the rights and interests of people in recovery and their family members / carers via the "Policy Concern Group” and attending related consultation forum or seminar;
  • Strengthen the development of Family Network by identifying and providing leadership trainings to family members.

Service Target

Family members / carers of the service users of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Contact Us

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