Peer Services

What is Peer Support Worker?

Peer Support WorkerA peer support worker is a person who has recovered to a great degree from a mental health challenge that he/she is now able to share with others who are undergoing similar problems, and support them in the recovery journey.

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and three mental health agencies who are Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Caritas – Hong Kong and the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong have ventured to pioneer the MINDSET Peer Support Worker (PSW) Project since 2013. The project included 36-hours basic training, 12-hours skill training and 52-hours placement. There are totally 7 peer support workers employed in ICCMWs, sheltered workshops and half-way houses since May 2013.

What make Peer Support Worker unique?

Peer Service

Peer Support Worker is not a special staff, but an expert in self-help and peer support. Peer
Support Worker could…

  • Share their personal experiences of recovery in a way that inspires hope
  • Shared their experiences on skill and knowledge on maintaining mental wellness, using community resources and coping skill of difficult time.
  • Have a way of being in a working relationship that shows people that they have the power to recover and offer help and support as an equal.


Scope of Services

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