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Fat Cat is a chubby high school student. You have to sit very close to him when he speaks, so that you could hear what he was saying clearly. But when he lost his temper and spoke foul language, you could hear every word very clearly. He also liked to drop things on the floor and pour water on people’s back without a reason. At that time, we had to frequently contact his family to discuss on ways of handling.

He is diagnosed with Down syndrome. As his parents were getting old, he was arranged to stay in New Life Jubilee Hostel four years ago. With the cooperation of the staff team, consistent approach and family’s participation and trust, Fat Cat has ceased to show his bad temper and other inappropriate behaviours. Now, he always goes to the office after school and greets staff with a warm smile, and also shows them his schoolwork. After receiving a gesture of appreciation from the staff, he returns to his room and takes a shower with a sense of satisfaction. He is really adorable and all staff love him.


Service Introduction

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association operates two hostels for moderately mentally handicapped, namely New Life Jubilee Hostel and Tin King Hostel, providing 101 places of long-term residential care, active maintenance and recovery-oriented services for people with mental handicapped who are capable of basic self-care. With the support and respect from our professional team, family members, peers and the public, they are able to realize their full potentials and attain quality of living and personal well-being.

Each hostel is staffed by a team of social workers, nurses, health workers and welfare workers.


Our Aims

We are dedicated to delivering " Care for People” and "Recovery-oriented” services to people with moderate mental handicapped by providing:

  • Quality residential care and facilities to enhance their quality of life
  • An environment of mutual respect, care and encouragement to develop their strengths and abilities
  • Assistance in maintaining their health and capability, and care support to enrich well-being and build up holistic healthy lifestyle



In April 1976, we established the first hostel for the moderately mentally handicapped in Shau Kei Wan which was called the Rotary Hostel. The hostel was then relocated to Shan King Estate at Tuen Mun in 1991. It was also at that time that the hostel renamed the New Life Jubilee Hostel to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Association. In 1994, another new hostel, Tin King Hostel was established.


Our Services

Through diversified approaches and multiple interventions, people with mentally handicapped are provided with:

  • Person-centred Care Planning to encourage active participation in their own recovery journey;
  • Basic living skills training and activities to cultivate their daily living and self-care skills;
  • Health care service and promotion activities to maintain and enhance their health conditions;
  • A variety of social and recreational activities to develop their personal interest and strengths, enriching their interpersonal skills and well-being;
  • Regular family programs to maintain contact and support from family;
  • Community activities to achieve better integration with the community.


Service Target

We are designed to provide long-term residential care, active maintenance and recovery-oriented services for people with mental handicapped coupled with mentally illness:

  • Male aged 15 or above
  • Moderately mentally handicapped and above
  • Physically and mentally suitable for group living with no active infectious diseases
  • Attending or being arranged to attend day training program
  • No history of aggressive, substance abuse, pathological gambling or other severe behavioral problems
  • Require medium level of care


Application and Exit of Service

Applicants may approach doctors or social workers for referral. Referrals are made through the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by the Social Welfare Department. Admission will be arranged for suitable applicants. During the stay, the responsible social worker will meet users and their families regularly to discuss their progress and devise a discharge plan for them according to their needs.


Service Charge

Applicants are required to pay the fee charges stipulated by the Social Welfare Department and other charges specified by the Hostels. Those with financial difficulties can apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance.


Contact Us

Service Unit Tel Fax Email
New Territories
New Life Jubilee Hostel
G/F, Wings A & B, King On House, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
2463 7190 2465 8659
Tin King Hostel
Units 201-218, 1/F, Tin Lok House, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
2461 7115 2454 3529

The Hostels have been issued with License under the Residential Care Homes (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance.


imageLion Dance performance at Spring Dinner

imageDay Camp with volunteers of youth organization


Scope of Services

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