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    How to face Panic disorder? - 如何面對驚恐症狀 (Traditional Chinese Only)

    Whenever you are at a crowded place, are you feeling like you can't breather or you are dying? You might experience the same problem with Amy, let's see how Amy in the video handle it.




    How to face Specific Phobia ? -如何面對特定恐懼症症狀 (Traditional Chinese Only)

    Do you have any experience on encountering an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations? Let' see how Sam in the video handle it.




    How to face anxiety symptoms? -如何面對憂慮症狀 (Traditional Chinese Only)

    Do you always worry about various stresses of life and these worries even affect your sleeping quality or performance? Let' see how Nathan in the video handle his worries.




    How to face depressive symptoms? -如何面對抑鬱症狀 (Traditional Chinese Only)

    Are you feeling unhappy? Are you feeling lonely or lack of motivation? Let’s see how Helen in the video to face the depression.




    We all Have Pressure - 「你有壓力,我有壓力,大家都有壓力」(Traditional Chinese Only)

    According to the statistics, around 13.3% of the total population in Hong Kong has encountered different types of emotional disorders. What can we do when we have the emotional problems?


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