Clinical Psychological Services

Service Introduction

The Association established its Clinical Psychological Services in October 2008. We aim to provide evidence-based psychological intervention to service users of the Association who are having psychological disturbance or mental distress. We apply clinical psychological theory, scientific research findings and practical experience to

  1. alleviate emotional, cognitive or behavioral problems,
  2. enhance psychological well-being,
  3. strengthen resilience to cope with different challenges in life, and
  4. cultivate a flourishing life.

In addition to the agency-based Clinical Psychological Services, there are two clinical psychologists providing services to young people challenged by autism spectrum disorder in iREACH, as well providing professional consultation service to The Wellness Centre, community service teams within the Association.

Our Team

Clinical Psychologists in the Association hold Master’s or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology recognized by the Hong Kong Psychological Society and had undergone extended supervised clinical training.

Clinical Psychologists:

Ms. Amanda C. M. LI
Dr. Amanda K. S. CHEUNG
Dr. Candice L.Y.M. POWELL
Ms. Gladys T. Y. YEUNG
Ms. June L. Y. TANG
Mr. Keith K. L. WONG


Service Scope

Clinical Psychological Services provide comprehensive service such as assessment and psychological therapy, including:

Individual service Group therapy Professional and general public
Individual psychological intervention Emotion regulation Consultation service
Diagnosis and emotion assessment Cognitive-behavioral therapy Professional training
Intelligence assessment Mindfulness Public education
Personality assessment Positive Psychology Effectiveness research
Dementia assessment Interpersonal relationship Article publication
Neurological assessment Workshops on different psychological topics


Service Target

People aged 15 or above, suffering from psychological or psychiatric problem, e.g. depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, insomnia, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder, etc, or people suffering mood disturbance due to stress.

Referral criterion
In order to provide suitable service, people referred to individual psychological therapy should fulfill criterion as follow:

  1. Service users of service units in the Association,
  2. Willing and motivated to receive clinical psychological services,
  3. Stable mental and emotional status for normal conversation, in order to maximized treatment outcome, and
  4. Not receiving clinical psychological service from hospital or other organization.

Referral procedure

Service users should be referred by case workers in service units in the Association. Clinical psychologists would consider the need and urgency of each individual and assign mode and date of psychological service accordingly. Waiting time would depend on situation of each individual case.

Service uniqueness

Interventions which have been proven effective by scientific research would be employed in our clinical practice, and researches would also be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of our services. For example, according to world-wide existing research report, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based therapy are psychological therapies with extensive evidence.

We believe that every person have their unique strength and resilience, as well as different personal hope, need, interest and experience. Clinical psychologist would design treatment plan according to each individual’s uniqueness, strength and ability. The aim of treatment goes beyond the disturbance brought by psychiatric symptoms, we value building of strength and hope and, enhancement of resilience and confidence for re-integrating into the society and re-gaining meaning and quality of life.

Learning to appreciate one’s own values, strengths and abilities is essential in the therapeutic process. Clinical psychologists value strength, foster self-awareness, exploration and development of strength, strengthen self-confidence of service users to take the leading role in their recovery process, and to fully engage in life.


Service Unit Tel Fax Email
New Life Building, 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon 2778 4503 3552 5383
New Territories
G/F, On Ting Yau Oi Community Centre, On Ting Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories 2778 4503 3552 5383

Scope of Services

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