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Our Belief

Students with ASD are usually encountered various challenges in their day-to-day living in relation to their inadequacies in social cognition, social skills and problem-solving abilities. However, we believe that each and every one of them possesses unique strengths and potentials beyond the challenges. Through appropriate training and provision of opportunities, we believe that all of them will be able to utilize their strengths and make meaningful contributions to society.

Our Association

The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association has started providing services for people challenged by ASD since 2010. Through systematic programs including social competence training, individual work, employment service, parent empowerment as well as community education, we hope to enhance their integration into the community and actualize their potentials to the full extent.

About AIM Project

The Association have been commissioned by the Education Bureau to launch Tiered Autism Intervention Model(AIM) Project from 2021 to 2024 school year after the completion of JCA-Connect Project (Phase 2) in July 2021. The project continues to adopt the School – NGO Collaboration model of JCA-Connect project, providing school-based social competence training for students with ASD and their families, so as to enhance students’ social competence and foster an inclusive environment in schools.


Our services

Population Served Objectives
  • To conduct individual needs assessment in social communication aspect for each student
  • To provide appropriate and structured social skills training, based on each student's needs and ability
  • To improve on students' social skills by strengthening their social communication, emotional regulation and problem solving skills, and to facilitate their integration in school
  • Staged training programmes including training courses, seminars, sharing seminars and workshops, for teachers and other school personnel
  • To promote peers understanding and acceptance of students with ASD
  • By providing parents' education and parental skills training, enhance students' practice and generalization in family context

Service Team


Service team consists of social workers and counselors with experience of serving persons with ASD, as well as senior clinical psychologist, educational psychologist and speech therapist who act as professional advisors.

Contact Us

  • Interested schools should submit application through Education Bureau

Service Unit Tel Fax Email
Unit 2, 1/F, Hoi Kiu Commercial Building, 158 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 3552 5285 2775 9392


Scope of Services

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