MINDSET College (New Life)


Supported by MINDSET, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and three mental health agencies who are Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services, Caritas – Hong Kong and The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong have co-organized the MINDSET College. We provided recovery-oriented courses for enhancing the well-being of people in recovery and their families, professionals and people who concern with their mental health.

Our Vision:
Participation Equality, Promoting Growth, Enhancing Hope, Co-producing Recovery

Our Mission:
Through the "co-production” teaching mode, we strive to encourage participants to rebuild their meaningful life, develop their talents, be involved together, enhance well-being and support each other’s recovery journey.

Admission Criteria:
People who aged 15 or above and are interested in enhancing whole person well-being (No special prerequisite)

Curriculum Features:
Holistic with diversity for people from various background with different needs

  1. People-oriented with diversified choices (Selection of courses according to own needs)
  2. Interactive learning for mutual growth (Mutual learning among teachers and students in co-production)
  3. Strengths-based with peer support (Explore potential and strengths through learning together with peers)
  4. Re-constructing life through education opportunity (Master own living and learning through participation in College)

Scope of Curriculum:

  1. Recovery: Experience the wisdom of the spirit of distress and life challenges, as well as explore our own strengths
  2. Self-Advocacy: Learn to make use of resources and express needs
  3. Building Life: Learn to face problems and challenges as well as establish the positive way of life, interpersonal and social roles
  4. Keeping Well: Enhance well-being and build a wonderful and healthy life
  5. Peer Development: Learn to support the peers and implement to the daily life
  6. Family / carer support: Strengthen the understanding of mental health and enhance the relationship with people-in-recovery with mental illness

Teaching Team:
People from various background, e.g., those who have recovery experience and their families, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, peer support workers etc. People from different background are welcome to co-produce in curriculum planning, thus facilitating mutual learning.

Course Fee:
Sliding scale according to course length. Please complete application form with admission fee of HK$20. For more details, please refer to our service leaflet (Chinese Version only).

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