Global Exchanges and Knowledge Transfer

Conferences and Exchanges

Counterparts, both from the local and overseas, had been eager to invite the Association to share New Life’s initiatives and work experience. During 2017/2018, a total of 17 conferences, symposiums and forums had been attended and 25 presentations were delivered by our Chairperson, the late Chief Executive Officer and professional staff to share topics on Recovery, WRAP®, Peer Support, corporate governance and policy movement, leadership and innovation, corporate social partnership, social enterprise development, work and employment, practice research, mental wellness and aging, clinical approaches such as eGPS and Cognitive-behavioural Therapy, caregiver empowerment, etc.

2017/2018 Presentations Delivered to Share New Life's Initiatives

Study Visit

The Association has established a close network within the sector. During 2017/2018, a total of 124 delegates from corporations, academies, funding bodies, government departments, public organizations, NGOs etc., visited the Association and shared insights on various issues. Numerous funding bodies also visited to explore collaboration and partnership opportunities. With its vision of enhancing service development in the sector, the Association was keen to cultivate close and collaborative relationships with counterparts.

China and Overseas Visit - Statistics in 2017/2018

Sector Exchange

During 2017/2018, the Association received a total of 646 visitors in 39 visits from the overseas countries and regions including UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, the Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan, etc. The Association was pleased to share with the counterparts on our initiatives and service development. Fruitful exchange on practice experience and collaboration were always achieved. 

2017/2018 Visiting Organization

Photo Gallery

  • Collaborated with Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia to organize the 1st Annual International Recovery Alliance Conference held in Thailand

  • Professor Fanny Cheung, our Chairperson attended the HKCSS Convention 2017 cum 70th Anniversary and presented on the development of corporate governance of the Association 

  • Study visit from Singapore Institute of Technology

  • Organized training program on vocational rehabilitation for Shunde agency

  • Study Program for Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry, Thailand

  • Visit from The Community Chest of Hong Kong visited Family Support Service

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