New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
 A Brief Introduction to the Service

Provide one-stop and diversified vocational rehabilitation services, including work skills, social skills, and adjustment ability for people in recovery of mental illness
Enhance the working ability of people in recovery of mental illness to achieve the ultimate goal of open employment

Integrated Work Centre incorporated sheltered workshop and supported employment service to become an innovative “One-Stop” vocational service, aiming to provide people in recovery of mental illness with diversified and community-based work training and to enhance their open employment competitiveness in order to achieve the target of self-sufficiency through open employment. In the conversion process from a traditional sheltered workshop to an integrated work centre, the most important achievement was that we would provide different types of training to meet the needs of different service users at different stages. It was hoped that service users of different abilities would have a better opportunity to realise their potentials and through working in a more commercial-like environment. On the other hand, developing new types of work trade would also help in matching the rapid growth of our social enterprises and to meet the ever-expanding market needs.

In 1995, the Social Welfare Department invited the Association to operate the Chuk Yuen Sheltered Workshop. Chuk Yuen Sheltered Workshop was converted into Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre (CYIWC) in 2004. Since then, it has been actively establishing a variety of work trade training to provide service users with more training options and opportunities. Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre also transformed its kitchen into a bakery training site in 2007 and obtained the related license in 2008.

Another Sheltered Workshop of the Association was located in Wong Chuk Hang (established in 1978). Due to the demolition of Wong Chuk Hang Estate, it was relocated to Shek Pei Wan Estate in 2007 and had then been transformed into Shek Pei Wan Integrated Work Centre to provide diversified vocational rehabilitation services for service users. Apart from the existing options such as letter shopping, packaging and assembling, Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre strives to develop new work trades and training opportunities such as bakery production, organic snacks packaging and processing. The Integrated Work Centre was renovated and spearheaded to develop an innovative bakery training site equipped with modern facilities. This licensed Bakery supplies organic and healthy bread, egg tarts and organic cookies that are freshly baked daily to be sold at our social enterprises. Aside from bakery products, the Centre also expanded its production line and introduced a wide range of organic snacks with self-designed packaging.

  People in recovery of mental illness or other disabilities, aged above 15
  Referral can be made by school social worker, medical social worker, family case worker or staff of other rehabilitation units through the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by the Social Welfare Department
  Applicants can approach our Association directly for application
  Formulate individual rehabilitation plan for people in recovery of mental illness by social workers and occupational therapists, and provide services such as counseling and regular assessments to help them obtain appropriate type of training activities
  Job coaches provide on-site supervision to nurture good work habit of people in recovery of mental illness and to enhance their work skills
  Provide vocational counseling and vocational services in terms of vocational assessment, job matching and on-going support
  Foster service users' socialising skills through small group and recreational activities
  Service users who are found unsuitable or unwilling to receive Integrated Work Centre Service anymore, or who are suitable to receive Supported Employment Service or open employment, social workers will establish an exit plan for them
  People in recovery of mental illness or other disabilities, aged 15 or above
  Capable of basic self-care
  Stable physical and mental conditions, absence of serious harassing behaviours
  Assessment will be performed before formal intake; people in recovery of mental illness have to show motivation and the ability to take up open employment
  No propensity for violent or anti-social behavior, has no infectious disease, persistent alcohol or drug abuse, or gambling addiction
  Free of Charge
Contact Information
1978 / 2007 Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre
Unit 1, LG3/F, Pik Fai House, Shek Pai Wan Estate, H.K.
2552 4202 2814 7577
1995/ 2004 Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre
Units 101-108 & 117-124, G/F, Cheung Yuen House, Chuk Yuen (North) Estate, Kowloon
2324 9974 2328 5178