New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
 A Brief Introduction to the Service

Provide long-term accommodation services that have a relatively higher degree of independence for people in recovery of mental illness

Provide individual counseling and supportive services
Equip residents with self-care skills and basic community living abilities

In an attempt to meet the diversified residential needs of people in recovery of mental illness, we established our first self-financed supported hostel - Jockey Club New Life Hostel at Kennedy Road in 1998 to supply accommodations at an affordable price, providing them with counseling services, living and social skills training to enhance their independent living ability.

Yuet Wo House at Tuen Mun commenced operation since July 2005, providing another long-term housing option for people discharged from Halfway Houses. This enabled them to receive care and support on a consistent basis. The Hostel is a three-storey building with single rooms which can accommodate 15 residents.

Another self-financed hostel - Yi Yuet Hin offers residential services to those who have already received basic community living skills training at Tuen Mun Long Stay Care Home but who are not yet able to live independently. The Hostel has commenced operation since September 2005. It provides support and care of medium to low level for residents. Consisting of 3 blocks of two-storey building located in Greenery Villa, Tuen Mun, the Hostel provides 17 rooms, including single, double and three-person rooms to accommodate 29 residents.

  People in recovery of mental illness who possess basic community living skills but inadequate abilities to live independently
  MINDSET Place & Joyous Place – Referrals can be made through social workers or case managers
  Yuet Wo House – Referrals to be made via social workers of the Association’s Halfway Houses
  Yi Yuet Hin – Referrals to be made via social workers of the Association’s Long Stay Care Homes
  Organise individual or small group counseling sessions to enhance residents’ coping skills, social techniques and self-management abilities
  Provide independent living skills training programmes for residents. The programmes cover areas such as: cooking, household management, good drug compliance and keeping medical appointments
  Organise social and recreational activities to encourage residents to make good use of leisure time and develop their interests and hobbies
  If residents are, after assessment, proved to be suitable to live with their families or live independently because of improved abilities, social workers will devise a plan for their discharges
  People in recovery of mental illness, aged 15 or above
  Stable physical and mental conditions
  Possessing basic community living abilities, including finance management, self-care, an adequate understanding of the community and good drug compliance
  No propensity for violent or anti-social behaviour, has no infectious disease, persistent alcohol or drug abuse, or gambling addiction
  Applicants are required to pay the stipulated fee charges
Contact Information
2005 Yuet Wo House
7 San Fuk Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
2461 2818 2469 9645  
2005 Yi Yuet Hin
Blocks 1, 2A & 2B, Greenery Villa, 8 Tsing Lun Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
2467 3120 2454 0980  
2010 MINDSET Place
2 Luen Cheong Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling, N.T.
2675 7667 2675 9292
2013 Joyous Place
25 A Kung Kok Street, Ma On Shan, N.T.
2690 2239 2690 2001