50th Anniversary

Established in 1965, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association has grown to a leading non-governmental organization specializing in mental health, making positive changes to the service development in Hong Kong. By looking back these 50 years, we can see not only the scale expansion and service diversification of the Association, but also the historical development of the local sector, including changes in public policy and social climate, as well as the breakthroughs of psychiatric rehabilitation services. The micro scene of the Association is indeed reflecting the macro growth of the industry. In the flashback, we can see a crystal clear character of the Association: the passion for innovation.

Analects of Confucius says, "At thirty, I can be independent. At forty, I am not deluded. At fifty, I know my destiny.” For the Association, "destiny” includes the position, mission and goals. We have to do our best to fulfill our duties. In 2012-13, we revised our vision and mission from providing psychiatric rehabilitation services to developing our services into a recovery-oriented approach. In future, we aim to enhance public awareness towards well-being.

Living in the hustle and bustle Hong Kong makes people stressful. Research found that 1 in 4 people in Hong Kong have different level of mental health needs, including mild depression and anxiety. However, most people in Hong Kong lack time and ways to take care of their own mental health and mental well-being. At the same time, in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Association, we launch a community campaign promoting well-being named newlife.330 in addition to our recovery-oriented services. We believe that prevention is always better than cure. Being healthy in physical, psychosocial and transcendental aspects improve one’s living standard and strengthen his/ her productivity and creativity. Positive attitude is also a good sign among the society which can decrease the loss brought by different diseases.

There are different ways in enhancing well-being. Supported by evidence-based practices, we integrate mindfulness into lifestyle, habit and attitude. Practising mindfulness makes people focused and relaxed, hence reducing stress level. Besides, after mindfulness practice, people will be more optimistic, joyful and compassionate. They will have a positive feeling towards life.

In promoting newlife.330 campaign, we produce a mini website and mobile application for the general public. We would like to encourage more people to spend 10 minutes per day in practising mindfulness such that they could be more focused and find their life more enjoyable. We believe that one cannot be regarded as healthy if s/he is just physically healthy. With the three areas gaining a good balance, we can then enjoy well-being. We believe that everyone should enjoy well-being regardless of their age, gender and levels.

In future, NLPRA will hold tight to our core value of "Care for People, Excel for Quality”. Apart from providing better recovery-oriented services, we will strive to promote the message of well-being towards many more 50 years ahead.


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