New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

A Brief Introduction to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Established in 1965, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is a leading non-governmental organisation specialising in mental health. We aim to make a positive difference by advocating for equal opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness, enhancing their quality of life and moving towards an inclusive society through direct services, social enterprises, mutual aid and family support. We currently operate 35 service units and 20 social enterprises serving around 12,000 people in recovery every year. We are committed to the principles of recovery that value strength-based self-management, empowerment, mutual support, as well as human rights and respect for our service users. We also strive for raising awareness of mental health and acceptance of people in recovery in the community through mental health campaigning and education.

The service units of the Association include 11 halfway houses, aftercare service, 2 long stay care homes, 2 hostels for the moderately mentally handicapped, 6 supported/self-financed hostels/housing, 3 industrial sheltered workshops, 1 agricultural sheltered workshop, 2 integrated work centers, 1 supported employment service center and 7 integrated community centers for mental wellness. In addition to direct services, the Association operates the Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation which aims at providing mental health education for the general public and specialised training for professionals in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Starting from 1994, the Association has been playing a pioneer role in developing diversified social enterprises to provide work and training opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness. Currently, we are running a total of 20 social enterprises including: retail business – New Life Healthy Living Specialty/ Organic Shops/Farmfresh330, New Life Gourmet (Shek Pai Wan), rwb330 and New Life Convenience Stores; catering business – New Life Restaurant, New Life Gourmet (Kowloon Tong), Teresa New Life Coffee Shop, café 330 and Outside Catering Service; other businesses include Ecotour330, Cleansing Services, Property Management and Direct Marketing.

The Association’s operating expenses are largely financed by government subventions, grants from the Community Chest of Hong Kong and generous donations from private companies and the public.


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We strive to promote mental wellness for people in recovery of mental illness and for their families and the general public with the ultimate goal of equal opportunities, social inclusion, acceptance and full participation for all in the community.


We are dedicated to pioneering and delivering people-focused, recovery-oriented, and evidence-based community mental health services with care and respect, innovation and continuous drive for excellence and professionalism.

CORE Values

Care for People

  • We treat people with respect, trust and fairness.
  • We recognize each other’s merits and value their contributions.

Excel for Quality

  • We are committed to professionalism and innovation.
  • We drive for teamwork, partnership and synergy.
  • We uphold a learning culture for continuous improvement and organizational sustainability amid a changing environment.

Aims and Objectives

To establish and operate hostels, sheltered workshops, farms, clubs and various projects on a non-profit making basis in which people in recovery of mental illness and the mentally retarded may obtain free of charge or on moderate terms temporary residential facilities, vocational training, sheltered employment, recreation and activities calculated directly or indirectly towards their rehabilitation and betterment.


The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association was formed in 1959 by a group of people with mental illness under the name New Life Mutual Aid Club. The organisation was formally registered with the authorities in 1961 and reorganized in 1965 under its current title.

The Association was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance Act in 1968. The Association joined the World Federation for Mental Health in 1969, becoming a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in the same year and a member of the Community Chest of Hong Kong in 1970.

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