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Our Belief

Persons challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) often face tremendous difficulty in open employment because of their deficits in communication skills and flexibility, as well as the social misconceptions about them. However, we strongly believe that everyone possesses unique talents and strengths. Given the right opportunity and support, persons challenged by ASD can realize their full potentials at work and be a useful member of the work force.


Our Vision

The project aims to provide one-stop and diversified supported employment service to persons challenged by ASD for supporting their long-term career developments and their social integration.

With the strengths-based approach, a series of intensive and tailor-made pre-vocational training, job matching, placement and on-the-job support will be initiated to realize their potentials and to enhance their employability, reward at work, sense of satisfaction, self-esteem and life hopes. On the other hand, education programs will be provided to employers and frontline personnel for their better understanding and acceptance towards individuals challenged by ASD and hence facilitate a better integration of the latter into the workplace and community.

Service Target

Individual aged 18 or above, challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorders with normal intelligence


Our supported employment service supports the individuals, their family members and employers through a systemic approach:

  • Service Users: Pre-vocational training, job matching, placement, on-the-job support
  • Employers: Education program and ongoing support
  • Family members: Training and consultation


Project Characteristics

  • One-stop service from pre-vocational assessment to open employment
  • Intensive and tailored-made pre-vocational and social thinking training
  • Connect various working partners to establish diversified employer network
  • Job matching based on individual's abilities and interests
  • Placement opportunities to strengthen their skills
  • On-the-job support to service users, family members and employers
  • Simultaneous support to service user, family members and employers
  • Professional consultation rendered by a veteran clinical psychologist for quality assurance


How to Apply

  • Service users/families are welcome to contact our staffs directly for enquiries
  • Referral by social workers or others professionals


Services Hours

9:00am - 12:30pm 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Mon open open
Tue open open
Wed open open
Thurs open open
Fri open open
Sat * *
Sun - -

*Saturdays: Activities/outreach services
Sundays and public holidays: Close


Contact us

Service Unit Tel Fax Email
Unit 117-124, G/F, Cheung Yuen House, Chuk Yuen(N)Estate, Kowloon 2327 4045 2328 5178


Scope of Services

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